Friday, September 13th, 2013

Magic Numbers 2013

Since it's mid-September, several teams have been eliminated from postseason contention. The Houston Astros, now members of the American League West, were the first to meet their fate. In the National League, that honor belongs to the Miami Marlins. Next week, we may start seeing teams pop open bottles of champagne to celebrate division titles. Here's a quick look at magic numbers around baseball.

National League Central
Pittsburgh Pirates / St. Louis Cardinals (tied at 85-61): 14

National League East
Atlanta Braves (88-58): 6

National League West
Los Angeles Dodgers (86-60): 5

American League Central
Detroit Tigers (84-62): 11

American League East
Boston Red Sox (89-59): 8

American League West
Oakland Athletics (85-61): 14

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