Friday, October 11th, 2013

Potential World Series Combinations: 2013

Only four teams remain in pursuit of October immortality. The Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox are all teams with rich histories that stretch back to the infancy of the National and American leagues. The youngest franchise, the Red Sox, was founded in 1901. With teams that old, I was surprised to see how infrequently they met during the World Series.

Cardinals vs. Tigers (3)

2006: Cardinals over Tigers, 4-1
1968: Tigers over Cardinals, 4-3
1934: Cardinals over Tigers, 4-3

Cardinals vs. Red Sox (3)

2004: Red Sox over Cardinals, 4-0
1967: Cardinals over Red Sox, 4-3
1946: Cardinals over Red Sox, 4-3

Dodgers vs. Red Sox (1)

1916: Red Sox over Dodgers (Brooklyn Robins), 4-1

Dodgers vs. Tigers (0)

These two teams have never met during October.

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