Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Team Game: 13 Down, 17 to Go

The 220-day drought is over. I hadn't spotted any Major League Baseball team logos since last October when I passed a car sporting a sun-bleached San Francisco Giants window sticker on a car parked near the entrance of the Merchandise Mart.

Last night, I had to pick up Susan at O'Hare International Airport. She was returning from a week working in Dubai. On a side note, she mentioned that Dubai was incredibly hot. More than 100 degrees hot. Here are a few photos she shared.

It can take some time passing through the international terminal, so I opted for a leisurely route to the airport. As I traveled north up Mannheim, I was slowed by the endless stretch of orange barrels. While I inched along, Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" came on the radio. I needed to get into the left lane and bus allowed me to get into the correct lane. Sure enough, as I pulled to the light, the streak was over.

The logo wasn't terribly obvious at first, but sure enough, the Minnesota Twins came off of my list. That's one more for the American League. My first Junior Circuit find in more than a year.

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