Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

MLB Schedule 2014 v4.0

I've been to two Cubs games at Wrigley Field this season. So far the Cubs are 2-0 in those games. Entering play tonight, the Cubs have 15 wins. That means I've been in attendance for 13.3% of their wins this season. Nine of those wins were recorded at Wrigley Field, so I've witnessed 22.2% of their home wins. If anyone wants to launch the Kickstarter campaign to send me to more, I'll gladly accept.

Here is my up-to-date schedule:

Wednesday, April 9: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs | Box score
Sunday, May 18: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs | Box score
Friday, May 30: Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Saturday, June 28: Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Sunday, July 27: New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Wednesday, September 3: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs

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