Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Team Game: 18 Down, 12 to Go

When I agreed to be my nephew's confirmation sponsor, I didn't realize I would need to wait until the date of the service to cross one of the remaining team logos off my list. Sure enough, I spotted one of the elusive 13. The last time I discovered a new MLB team logo was on my birthday last year. That's a total of 217 days passing without a glimpse of a missing team.

Since the chapel was packed, the normal parking lots were full. I dropped Susan off in front so she could avoid the cold downpour. I found one of the few remaining parking spaces in the lot across the street. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a window sticker that looked suspiciously like a logo from the American League. My initial thought was that it could be a local traveling team. Once I stepped out of the car, I was reassured. The car's owner was a legit Tampa Bay Rays fan complete with window sticker and Rays license plate holder. And for supporting evidence, he even had a Tampa Bay Buccaneers window sticker on the rear passenger side window.

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