Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Team Game: 19 Down, 11 to Go

This evening I caught a somewhat later train home from work. So it departs only six minutes after my usual train, but it's not an express so it arrives in Elmhurst almost 20 minutes later.

I swear I've driven back and forth on St. Charles Road every day since well I don't know - 1991. Regardless, I have driven by this particular house every day since the 2015 MLB season commenced. I'm baffled how this small flag hanging off a light pole has eluded me, so I'm going to assume they just hung this blue and white flag today. Fortunately, there was a red light so I was able to quickly loop around the block, jump out and grab a quick photo.

After waiting 217 days between the Cleveland Indians and the Tampa Bay Rays, I only needed to wait 11 to cross the defending American League champions off my list. By spotting the Kansas City Royals, I have claimed three consecutive Junior Circuit teams and have a mere 11 remaining. For a while, I was wondering if I would need to violate the rules and count the Royals blanket in my car.

Interesting fact, this home is just around the corner from where I spotted the Pittsburgh Pirates flag. And yes, the black and gold banner was still on display.

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