Thursday, July 16th, 2015

If the 2015 Postseason Started Today

While the annual All-Star Game signifies the ceremonial midway point of the Major League Baseball season, every team has technically played more than half of their regular season games. During the opening months of the season, April and May, standings generally mean little. As teams move into June trends start to make sense. Which teams are overachieving? Which teams are all but mathematically eliminated? Have injuries taken a toll? Have any young stars made an impact? In July, division standings become extremely relevant.

With two and a half months to play, these standings could offer a glimpse at the October landscape. So, if the season ended today, here's how the playoff picture would look. Are your favorites teams listed?

National League

Eastern Division Champion
Washington Nationals

Central Division Champion
St. Louis Cardinals

Western Division Champion
Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Cards
Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs (no, this isn't a typo)

American League

Eastern Division Champion
New York Yankees

Central Division Champion
Kansas City Royals

Western Division Champion
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

AL Wild Cards
Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros

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