Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Team Game: 23 Down, 7 to Go

When I grabbed my tickets and departed for Wrigley Field, I didn't expect to cross another team logo off of my list. The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, last night's contestants, were among the first logos I posted. In fact, they were the third and fifth respectively. Whenever I head to a ballgame, there is a possibility of finding one, but a number of rules govern what counts and what does not count. Rules are especially strict inside a Major League Baseball facility.

Susan and I still play our original version of the Team Game at each game we attend, but when two long-time division rivals are pitted against each other, it's oftentimes difficult to find other teams. Walking into the Friendly Confines, I noticed someone wearing a Detroit Tigers shirt. Susan identified a few, too.

After a few innings, Susan noticed an Oakland Athletics logo on the back of a seat directly in front of me. I'm not exactly sure how I failed to spot the logo, perhaps I was wondering if the Cubs could rally and reclaim the lead from the Cardinals. More than likely, the guy sitting in that seat had a short that blocked my view. It took a few moments, but it dawned on me that Oakland was among the remaining eight teams.

Now, only seven remain.

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