Friday, May 29th, 2020

MLB 2020: Canceled Game #4 Reds vs. Cubs

I was looking forward to today's game for several months. We had a massive deadline at work on Thursday and I was planning to take yesterday afternoon and today off for a long weekend. The last three weeks at work have been incredibly stressful, of course COVID-19 was a part of the problem, but the other was simply the amount of coordination (with everyone working from home) to meet our deadline. Naturally, we made our deadline. But, today I was supposed to be at Wrigley Field.

Last year, I wrote the biography of a fellow SABR member. He was so appreciative for the article, as a thank-you, he treated me to a Chicago Cubs game last season. Once again, he was planning to treat me to game during 2020. That was supposed to be today at 1:20 as the Cubs hosted the Cincinnati Reds. Instead of the game, I still enjoyed a day away from work, but spent it relaxing by sorting old baseball cards.

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