Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Remembering Milwaukee County Stadium

Here's a sample of my first contribution to The Hardball Voyager: Exploring Baseball History - One Site at a Time. The purpose of that forum is to allow members of SABR's Baseball Landmarks Committee to write about baseball sites. Posts could include detective work to find long-lost places, celebratory gatherings, ideas for marking currently unmarked locations, stories about what makes the landmark special in the first place, and more.

The main purpose of our committee is to create and support the SABR Baseball Map. But the project lends itself to storytelling.

Growing up in greater Chicagoland, I had two baseball options. Despite pressure from my hardcore extended White Sox family, I became a Chicago Cubs fan. Perhaps my recessive genes kicked in.

Despite my local team affiliation, I attended games at both Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park. I remember when the Cubs played home games exclusively during the day, and when the White Sox played on the other side of 35th Street. As my baseball interests expanded beyond just my team, I became intrigued by ballparks. Each team had unique homes with rich histories. I established a goal to get out of my media market and visit every Major League Baseball park. Little did I know, the park closest to home is one I'd never visit.

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