Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Red Sox Dynasty?

Regardless if you are a baseball fan or not, I'm sure you've heard stories about the Boston Red Sox. Always so close, but just never enough to win the World Series. You've certainly heard about Bill Buckner in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. If you turn the clock a bit more, you probably know about Bucky "F-ing" Dent's home run at Fenway Park. How about Carlton Fisk's infamous home run? Many people forget that was only Game 6, and the Cincinnati Reds actually won the World Series in Game 7.

Everything changed in 2004. The Red Sox marched into October and emerged victorious. They completed a 4-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to win their first World Series since 1918. Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the Red Sox back then. In 2007, the Red Sox once again won the World Series by defeating the Colorado Rockies.

Last night the Red Sox beat the Angels in the ALDS and have advanced to the ALCS to play the Tampa Bay Rays. If the Red Sox manage to advance to the 2008 World Series and win, I think it's safe to say we are experiencing a Boston Red Sox dynasty.

Did you ever think we would live to see the day?

I hope it ends in 2009 because there is only one Dynasty Team in the AL East. That teams resides in the Bronx in NYC. With new Yankee Stadium and all personnel heathy watch for the Beast of the East to be back where they belong.
BeanCounter37   Tuesday, October 7, 2008
And to think a few years ago a panel of ESPN "experts" pick the Red Sox curse to be worse then the Cubs.
Brian Osborne   Tuesday, October 7, 2008
At least the Red Sox would get to the Series and had a fighting chance. The Cubs had early exits in October if they even made there.
Bill Pearch   Tuesday, October 7, 2008
I pray to god the sox get swept. Although a Dodgers-Red Sox WS sounds kinda cool. I am a Torre fan for life. Would love to see Manny beat his old team in Fenway.
Ben H   Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Not nice Ben!
I support the dynasty... I like MA doing well all around (Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox!) Football isn't looking so hot this year... so I want the Red Sox to take it!!!
Personally though, I'm not going to make a big claim b/c I'm just a bandwagoner..... BUT for my dad's sake, he grew up in Maine and that's the closest team you got, so I know a lot of die hard fans that would be oh so happy!

Bill you want to hear something funny though..... In CT it's a split state between the Red Sox and the Yankees so all season long (not the playoffs) depending on where you live you can't watch the games! My parent's town is south enough that you can't watch the Red Sox on tv! But one town north gets all the coverage.
Amber   Wednesday, October 8, 2008
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