Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Daredevil or Dumbass?

In my March Badness blog, I mentioned my favorite radio program is Boers and Bernstein on The Score, 670-AM in Chicago. On Fridays they feature a segment called, Friday Fung. Yes, the "g" belongs there. Each week, they change the topic. Some of the best are, Imaginary Sports Radio, or Mundane Sports Achievements, but those aren't my favorite. My favorite is Daredevil or Dumbass?

How does it work? Callers share tales of when they risked life and limb. Most stories are sports-related, but that's not a requirement. Following the call, the two hosts and their producer cast their votes to determine if the caller was, in fact, a daredevil or a dumbass.

Let's try. Here's a personal story from high school.

During high school, the basketball rim in my parent's driveway was set at the regulation 10-foot mark. Standing 5-foot, 5-inches at the time, I didn't have a chance at dunking a basketball. Well, not through conventional means anyway. Most of my friends lowered their rims to 8- or 9-feet. Cue the brainstorm sound effect. If we grabbed the wooden stool off the patio, we could run, jump and dunk the ball. Brilliant.

Yes, it was brilliant...until my sophomore year. Since the weather was immaculate, and we had a school break, I invited some friends over to shoot hoops. You know, HORSE or 3-on-3. After a few guys arrived, we decided to grab the stool. My friends did their best Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins routines. I settled for matching Spud Webb. Each dunk looked cooler than the one before. For my next attempt, I decided to do a reverse.

I remember running, jumping and leaping off the stool. Next, I turned and brought the ball over my head. I felt the ball go threw the rim. As I started to land, I realized my finger was tangled in the net. Rather than land of my feet, I started to angle parallel to the driveway. I felt my finger loosen from the net. From what I can gather, 85% of my body landed in the grass. The other 15% hit the edge of the driveway. I remember hearing a small crack. Certainly, I must have landed on a twig or branch in the yard. I jumped up, brushed myself off and grabbed the ball.

"Ready for some 3-on-3?" I asked.

Everyone agreed, so we started raining threes and passing the ball. Each time I caught a pass, I noticed my elbow would lock. Just a touch at first. After 10 or 15 minutes, my elbow locked at a 90-degree angle. I told everybody to go home because I needed to call my Mom. After a trip to the hospital, I found out that I had a hairline fracture of my elbow. As a result, I needed a cast for three weeks and missed all but the final at-bat during the 1989 high school baseball season. I finished the season hitting 0-for-1, with a .000 batting average, one regular size forearm, and one bone-thin. In my lone at-bat, I did foul off 15 to 20 pitches though.

Now it's time to vote. Daredevil or dumbass?

Need you ask? My vote as a mom-DA! " What were you thinking-don't you know you could have killed yourself" Sorry I had flashbacks of my mom rant. Ask Sarah (Spike) abour rappeling of our 3 story brick house chimney. Fortunately she waited to tell me about it when she was in her 20's. I hate to think about the things she has done and I don't know about. She has always been fearless, strong, independent and responsible for many gray hairs that only my haridresser knows about.
dannie   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Angi   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
I vote: Daredevil. It's a perfectly natural thing to attempt if you have the means. Especially if, just as a hypothetical, you're not 6'5" like an awesome red-headed friend who could dunk a regular rim. Nevermind that I...err, I mean a hypothetical very tall friend...couldn't pull-off a two-hander if his life depended on it.

And was this the stunt in motion just as my sister was dropping me off at your place? As I've said many times, and will say many times more, I'm sure, my memory sucks compared to yours, but I distinctly remember you with your arm bent and clutched to your stomach. I'm pretty sure I signed that cast. Do you still have it? Picture! Picture! Picture!
Mark Almighty   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Cue the One Shining Moment music. What kid didn't have an episode of getting out a foreign object to practice dunks and having an incident? I remember the stepladder for our 9'2" rim, and my friend Pat ripping the rim off the backboard and then bursting in tears, fearing the wrath of my Dad. The good side: Pat paved the way for us to get an adjustable goal with a spring loaded rim! Thanks, Pat!
Brian   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Moobi, you are correct. This incident happened just as your sister's Mustang pulled into the driveway. I seem to recall she said, "That had to hurt." Almost 20 years later, yes, it did hurt. I don't have any pictures of the cast. I did go to a wedding during that time, so perhaps they do.

Looks like the vote is 2-2 so far.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
I'm gonna vote Dare Devil. And Mom...i don't consider repelling dare devil or dumbass...there is too much safety equipment involved. But who knows if the mason that built that chimney was any good...hmmmm
Spike   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
I stand by Dare Devil and then there was the time that you were hiking in the netherlands and there was a flash flood and we couldn't get hold of you and then there was the time......
dannie   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Clearly that was a Daredevil act - anyone with any feel for basketball would try something along those lines; it was fun though, wasn't it?

dannie - I hate it when my three kids get together and start talking about some of the stuff they did while growing up. Parents don't need to know this stuff!!
stheinz   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Wow! The vote is 5-2 in favor of daredevil. Though it may only be 4-2. Not sure if dannie's vote was for me, or not.

stheinz, of course it was fun. Well, until said incident. After that, my Dad was more than happy to lower the rim to the 9-foot mark.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
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