Friday, April 4th, 2008

Mundane Sports Achievements

On Wednesday, in my Daredevil or Dumbass? blog, I discussed the Friday Fung segment on The Score. Another regular topic during this segment is Mundane Sports Achievement. Callers share stories such as: shooting a rubber band across the office and having it land in someone's coffee, or slamming down a basketball after an on-court argument and having the ball bounce through the rim.

Here's mine from the world of baseball.

My mundane sports achievement happened during a Pony League practice back in 1989. Our team practices consisted of routine fundamentals, then scrimmage. Since Pony League is limited by age, our scrimmage games consisted of the "Over the Hill Gang," and the "Wild Bunch." Obviously, the older guys played the younger players. That summer, I was part of the "Wild Bunch." I always preferred the outfield. I loved running, tracking down fly balls, and nailing runners trying to advance.

During one practice that year, our coach Howie Rub, told us to mix it up. We had to switch to a position we normally did not play. Howie grabbed a ball, flipped it to me and said, "Pearch, you're pitching today." Keep in mind, my only pitching experience was from my Wiffle Ball league, and one practice game during my final season of Little League.

I grabbed the ball and jogged to the mound. We played a few innings and I pitched well, scattering a few hits here and there and not allowing any runs. I had this crazy thought that I was the next Greg Maddux. At the time, Maddux was still in first stint with the Cubs.

Then, the winds of change started to blow. No, really. A gale-force blast started to pick up, and blew directly toward left field. We played our games and held our practices on my high school field, so this was a regulation field. The high school building sat about 30-40 feet beyond the left field fence.

Jared Anderson stepped to the plate. Since he could hit for power, I figured I would throw a curve ball. Just keep the ball out of the air, and hope he hit a ground ball or line drive to someone. I began my wind-up and threw the pitch. I remember watching him swing, and the ball rocketing off his bat. I spun and watched it break through the atmosphere. There was no question that I surrendered a home run, but would it actually land on the school's roof?

You can put it on the board...yes!

From what I heard, that was the only batted ball to land directly atop the school. Some hit the parking lot behind the fence and bounced up, but never on a direct flight.

I laughed and asked Howie, "Can I go back to the outfield?"

What is your mundane sports achievement?

I didn't spend nearly as much time as you did on that field, Bill, but I remember how far it was to that roof from home plate. But don't feel bad. Remember:

Red Hair = Awesome Skills

And Jared was one of my fellow carrot-tops. (I also recall that he had the weight to put behind solid contact.)
Mark Almighty   Friday, April 4, 2008
What will you do after you visit all the bb fields???
Claire   Friday, April 4, 2008
Good question. I haven't really made a decision. Perhaps I could visit all the finest figure skating venues in North America.
Bill Pearch   Friday, April 4, 2008
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