Monday, March 16th, 2009

Tournament of Bad 2009

Are you a fan of college basketball and crave the NCAA Tournament? Could you not care less about brackets and office pools? Do you think the "Big Dance" is a reality show on the CW? Perhaps you fall somewhere mid-spectrum. Either way, 670 The Score in Chicago is back with the Tournament of Bad 2009.

Regardless of your opinion about the NCAA tournament, Boers and Bernstein from The Score have brackets for everyone. Without question, this is my favorite radio program next to my old college radio show. Today, Boers and Bernstein held their Selection Monday for the "Tournament of Bad." How does it work?

The "Tournament of Bad" is simple. The guys developed a field of 64 divided into four regions just like the NCAA. Well okay, a field of 65 if you consider the play-in game. Each match-up consists of two things (people, items, fan base, abstract concept, etc.). The "team" that advances is the "most bad" of the two. Here's an example.

This year's play-in game features a match-up between "Over/under cooked steak at a restaurant" versus "Kathy Griffin." Personally, I don't enjoy steak, so I would vote via text or the website for Kathy Griffin. The "most bad" of that match up will advance to the field of 64. The winner will be matched up as the 16 seed "The View."

Interested? Here are a few additional first round match-ups.

Matt Abbatacola Region
Cubs playoff baseball (8) vs. Cutting yourself while shaving (9)
The Creepy Relationship Between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus (7) vs. The Pocket Tee (10)

Dan Bernstein Region
Bumper Stickers (8) vs. Ronnie Woo Woo (9)
Books by Coaches (4) vs. DePaul Basketball (13)

Terry Boers Region
The Octomom (1) vs. Cubs Gooding, Jr. movies (16)
TV Award Shows (8) vs. Dr. Phil (9)

Jason Goff Region
Rod Blagojevich (5) vs. Oversized Sunglasses (12)
Diets (6) vs. Fruit in Beer (11)

Download your own printable brackets, and may the most bad win.

that is hilarious!!!
Amber   Monday, March 16, 2009
When they debuted the inaugural TOB last year, I thought it was the funniest segment they came up with in years. Can't wait for this year's to get rolling.
Bill Pearch   Tuesday, March 17, 2009
I hate when B & B are cut short because of White Sox spring training baseball. There's nothing worse than spring training baseball on the radio! Oh, maybe Murph.
ozthegreat   Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Murph is much worse. Vooooock! DOT COM! Yes, Murph is worse.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, March 18, 2009
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