Monday, March 15th, 2010

Tournament of Bad 2010

Yes, it is back.

Are you a fan of college basketball and crave the NCAA Tournament? Could you not care less about brackets and office pools? Do you think the "Big Dance" is an NBC reality show attempting to fill the slot of The Jay Leno Show? Perhaps you fall somewhere mid-spectrum. Either way, 670 The Score in Chicago is back with the Tournament of Bad 2010.

Regardless of your opinion about the NCAA tournament, Boers and Bernstein from The Score have brackets for everyone. Without question, this is my favorite radio program next to my old college radio show. Today, Boers and Bernstein held their Selection Monday for the "Tournament of Bad." I know I've explained this before, but this is how it works.

The "Tournament of Bad" is simple. The guys developed a field of 64 divided into four regions just like the NCAA. Well OK, a field of 65 if you consider the play-in game. Each match-up consists of two things (people, items, fan base, abstract concept, etc.). The "team" that advances is the "most bad" of the two. Here's an example.

This year's play-in game features a match-up between "ATM Fees" versus "Nose Hair." Personally, I would say "Nose Hair" is the worse than "ATM Fees", so I would vote via text or the website for Nose Hair. The "most bad" of that match up will advance to the field of 64. The winner will be matched up as the 16 seed against "Mike North's Age Inappropriate Wardrobe."

Interested? Here are a few additional first round match-ups.

Matt Abbatacola Region
Transition Lenses (6) vs. Surprise Parties (11)
Skinny Jeans on Men (7) vs. Light Mayo (10)

Dan Bernstein Region
Chief Illiniwek (7) vs. Sideline Reporters (10)
Adult Autograph Seekers (5) vs. The Kardashians (12)

Terry Boers Region
Exploding Underpants (3) vs. Kate Gosselin (14)
The PGA Tour Without Tiger Woods (2) vs. Hannah Storm's Red Boots (15)

Jason Goff Region
Ex-Bears on the Radio (8) vs. Modern Rap Music (9)
Tim Tebow (7) vs. Rod Blagojevich (10)

Download your own printable brackets, and may the most bad win.

I LOVE the Tourney of Bad! Who's your sleeper? I like "Light Mayo" to take at least the 1st round vs. "Skinny Jeans on Men".
ozthegreat   Tuesday, March 16, 2010
I'm taking Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid all the way.
Bill Pearch   Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Wow. Good one. I haven't commited to anyone "all the way" yet. I'll post by the end of the day by cracky!
ozthegreat   Tuesday, March 16, 2010
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