Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

And the Class of 2011 is…

On Wednesday, the Baseball Writers' Association of America will announce the newest inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame. At noon central time, the announcement will be made on MLB Network. This year should prove interesting. Most experts believe that Roberto Alomar (second baseman) and Bert Blyleven (starting pitcher) will receive the call. Outside of those two, the rest of the candidates are not assured entry.

Due to his performance-enhancing drug scandal, Mark McGwire continues to fall short. Once a certain lock for induction, he continues to hover around only 23 percent of the vote. This year, Rafael Palmeiro is also eligible. He was the player who sat before Congress, wagged his finger at them and said, "I never took steroids. Period." Of course, midway through the next season he tested positive for a banned substance and left the game in disgrace.

This year, the major candidates include:

- Roberto Alomar
- Jeff Bagwell
- Harold Baines
- Bert Blyleven
- Juan Gonzalez
- Barry Larkin
- Edgar Martinez
- Tino Martinez
- Don Mattingly
- Fred McGriff
- Mark McGwire
- Jack Morris
- Dale Murphy
- Rafael Palmeiro
- Dave Parker
- Tim Raines
- Lee Smith
- Alan Trammell
- Larry Walker

Bill, who are your picks?
I believe that Don Mattingly will be a good bet.
Dale Murphy should make it.
Roberto Alomar should make it,too.
The other slots should be a toss up.
BeanCounter37   Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Alomar and Blyleven were the only two voted in today.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Don Mattingly? I don't know. He only appeared in the postseason once (1995). That was during his final year. He won an MVP, that was early in his career.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, January 5, 2011
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