Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Walking and Walking....

...and some more walking.

Prior to this vacation, I knew very little about Montreal other than some basic facts. I knew it was located in Quebec, that it was extremely French-speaking, the Canadiens were one of the Original Six, and the Expos once called this city home, and I knew there was a small mountain located within the city. That's about it.

I didn't realize the streets were nearly as angled as they ended up being. We spent some time in San Francisco back in 2004. We knew what we were getting into over there. And what a workout, too. Those streets were crazy.

We've been here since Thursday afternoon. During that time, we've managed to walk a significant amount of the time. At one point of Friday, we decided to tackle a portion of the trails up and down Mount Royal.

At the moment, I'm relaxing writing this brief blog, and simply staying off my feet until the next trek tonight.

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