Monday, March 26th, 2012

Somewhat Productive Canadian Geocaching

Finally. I can scratch Canada off my list. Of course, I am talking about my list of places that I failed to successfully locate a geocache. We were in Toronto back in 2008 to see a Cubs/Blue Jays game. Our hotel was extremely close to the CN Tower. There were a few caches hidden in a park in close proximity to the structure and the ballpark. No luck there.

Today was by far the coldest day of our trip to Montreal. If it wasn't for that wind. Susan had a spa day lined up, and I decided that would allow plenty of time to crank up my GPSr and hit the streets downtown. I had absolutely no luck searching for four of them near our hotel. But, the fifth proved somewhat easy to find. I missed it the first time and I needed a return visit en route to our hotel. Naturally, I was frozen at that point. I did pass a sports store and picked up some Montreal Expos memorabilia.

Time to warm up.

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