Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

A Quick Look Toward Fall

It's way too early to discuss football, but the Chicago Bears' 2012 schedule was officially released today. Since the Cubs are virtually unwatchable, and the White Sox are fun-bad, I present to you the Bears schedule.

09/09/12: Indianapolis Colts
09/13/12: at Green Bay Packers
09/23/12: St. Louis Rams
10/01/12: at Dallas Cowboys
10/07/12: at Jacksonville Jaguars
10/22/12: Detroit Lions
10/28/12: Carolina Panthers
11/04/12: at Tennessee Titans
11/11/12: Houston Texans
11/19/12: San Francisco 49ers
11/25/12: Minnesota Vikings
12/02/12: Seattle Seahawks
12/09/12: at Minnesota Vikings
12/16/12: Green Bay Packers
12/23/12: Arizona Cardinals
12/30/12: at Detroit Lions

10/01/2012 will be a loss, but there will be some nice scenery at Cowboy Stadium. It appears that they have a lot of home games in a stretch, that is good for attendance; however, November in Chicago isn't very pleasant for sitting outside.
BeanCounter37   Wednesday, April 18, 2012
It's hard to tell. The Bears have been getting better on offense.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, April 18, 2012
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