Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Kerry Wood's Bad Night

Let's just say that Kerry Wood didn't have a good night on Thursday.

Once again, Ryan Dempster was outstanding. He pitched seven innings, struck out seven, and allowed only one run. Kerry Wood came into the game in the eighth inning and walked two, allowed two hits, gave up two runs. Just enough to lose the game. He did pick off a runner on second base to end the inning. As he left the field in the middle of the eighth, out of frustration, Wood tossed his glove and cap into the crowd behind the third base dugout. When asked about the incident after the game, he decided to storm off.

Trust me, I understand his frustration. Wood is rapidly approaching the end of his playing career. This season, he appeared in six games and has an 0-2 record with an ERA of 14.54. Yeah, that's a bummer.

During his brief stint with the Cleveland Indians, I guess he did something similar. Less violently however.

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