Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Calling all Detroit Tigers fans

I mentioned that we are headed to Detroit on Thursday to watch the American League Central Division battle between the White Sox and Tigers at Comerica Park. Are there any interesting Tigers-related stops along the way? I would love to find a few hidden Detroit baseball gems along the way.

I wish I could help but I haven't lived in Michigan since 1968. My Grandpa was a great Tiges fan and I have fond memories of him sitting under a shade tree in his car, smoking a cigar and listening to the Tigers game on the radio. (before AC)
dannie   Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Bill, I'm assuming you're driving? Where are you staying? Jules will be a good one to help as she visits MI often via 94 from Chicago. My dad lives on the outskirts of the city... I'll ask him, too.

Hope you have fun. I love that stadium but have yet to see a game (inside). When we visited a few years back, we walked around the area and I was excited to see the Indians were in town. What's great about the structure of Comerica is the fact that it's a bowl and we could see parts of the game just looking through the gate. So neat! It's also cool to see Ford Field right accross the street.
Carrie   Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Ahh, the Motherland! Comerica Park is one of the finest in the country - you'll have a good time. It's only a couple of blocks away from Greektown, where you can find lots of good restaurants and a decent casino. There's also plenty of free parking at the casino as long as you swing by the gaming floor on your way back and get it validated. Beats paying for parking at a shady lot around the stadium.

As far as Detroit Baseball history goes, you can always visit historic Tigers Stadium, which is located on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. I believe this is the site of Bennett Park, the original "Tiger Stadium" where Ty Cobb played. Unfortunately there's not much to see at the old park, as it hasn't been kept up, and is in a bit of a run-down neighborhood.

Interesting bit of history: my great-uncle was had the opportunity to catch for the Tigers back in the 30s, but turned it down for a job at Ford because he had a family and the Tigers didn't pay enough!
Eric T.   Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Eric T., thanks for the tips. I was hoping you would post something.

It's funny that you shared the story about your great-uncle. My Grandfather told me he tried out for the Cubs at Wrigley Field in the 30s. He supposedly was offered a spot on a team in Omaha. He turned it down because he already had a job in Chicago.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, June 11, 2008
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