Humzoo Contests
We like to have a little fun now and then (when we're not reading encyclopedias), so we created Humzoo Photo Contests. Winners receive a Humdinger gift card!
Photo Contest Machines & Robots   Contest Over
Robotic beings rule the world... the humans are dead.

Well this is not entirely true, thankfully. But we're all for honoring robotic life and machines in general via a new photo contest! Show us some robot love by uploading photos of the fun robots or machinery that rule your world.

P.S. Upload the photo yourself. Don't share your password with a robot either.
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Video Contest One-Minute   Contest Over
Videos must be exactly one-minute long uncut footage, no shorter and no longer. All sound must be original to the take (no effects or ambient sounds can be added during editing). The footage can not be enhanced or modified in any way (no graphics or visual effects), we're looking for exactly what the camera recorded. What happens within the minute will be the real crowd pleaser!
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Rules and Instructions

How to Enter
When a contest is open, look for an 'Add to Contest' link on your photo and video pages in the right column.

Enter Early, Enter Often
Get your entries added to contests as soon as possible in order to be exposed to the largest number of voters. Each user is limited to three entries per contest.

All voting must be done before the deadline. To vote for photos in the contest you must sign up for a Humzoo account. Humzoo is free so don't be shy. Click here to get started today.

Keeping Photos Organized
Photos from any of your albums may be entered into contests, but to keep things organized, one suggestion is to create an album called Contest Photos that you use to store your entries.


Creativity Counts
Use the right side of your brain for this. The most original and creative ideas usually get the most votes.

Each contest winner receives a Humdinger gift card (current Humdingers – they make great gifts!). Winning entries will also be awarded a digital blue Humzoo ribbon that will be displayed indefinitely under the item on the user's page.

In the event that multiple entries receive the same number of votes, the winner will be decided by the entry's date - earliest one added wins.

Be Original
Anything you enter in a contest must be your original work.

Contest winners must provide a valid U.S. mailing address to claim their Humdinger gift card. Humzoo will contact contest winners to obtain this information within 3 days of the close of the contest. Winners will have up to 2 weeks to provide this information to Humzoo before forfeiting all prizes. Contact will be made via the email address on file for the winner, so please make sure we have your current address. Valid to U.S. residents only.