I just fixed a little glitch where some new Humzoo sites were causing a login window to open when visiting them. That problem should be fixed forever now, in theory. Let me know if you see this happening anywhere still. 

Proof of Purchase
Sep 26, 2010

Occasional Photo
Feb 12, 2011
Oct 31, 2010

Oct 2, 2010
Proof of Purchase - Behind the Scenes
We spent so much time making Proof of Purchase, we didn't end up with very much behind the scenes footage. Here's what we have, hastily edited for your enjoyment. On a somewhat related note... I have a new YouTube channel and need subscribers. My old one was tied to a username I set up when YouTube was new, and I cannot change it. So I have a new…
Sep 6, 2010A Good Month
Jul 27, 2010Velveteen
Jul 14, 2010New School Website
Jul 7, 2010On Teaching