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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Bike Tool Web App

Not that anybody except my brother uses it anymore, but I have this online bike stats tool that I created years ago. I used to log all of my rides, and a handful of other people used the tool as well.

After sitting untouched for more than a year, I made some improvements tonight. Mostly I created an iPhone version of the page where you enter rides. I took a short ride tonight after work and entered the stats, but the existing page was not very easy to use with my tired hands.

Apple gives developers a few options for web apps. The one I chose is a simple implementation that lets all mobile phone users access the tools but provides some extra benefits for iPhone users.

To use the web app, visit this page on an iPhone: http://www.daveheinzel.com/bike/edit/

Then click the '+' symbol at the center of the bottom toolbar, then choose the option called 'Add to Home Screen.' This will save an icon to your home screen that will launch in a very app-like way. It has a loading screen and everything. Here are some screenshots:

So that's it. There's not a whole lot else that I changed, other than a couple details. I hope to get back on the bike more this year and continue to log my rides. Maybe some of you will be encouraged to try out the tool - please feel free to sign up for a free account at my site if you want. It's free and easy to use for the most part.

Good to see the bike tool back in action, or more in action. That reminds me, I need to ride my bike. For what's it's worth, I lazily clicked on the Save button on my iPhone, and it actually added a ride with the default settings, which was all zeros. Oops... sorry, but you might need a little data validation.
Denny Deaton   Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Dang dude, your first ride in 9 months was 0 miles! You gotta lay off the Dew.
Dave Heinzel   Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Perfect! I've been meaning to get my tires fixed so I can ride again. Here's the perfect reason to get going again.
Bill Pearch   Thursday, May 6, 2010
I picked up my bike last night and finished a ride this morning. When I made it home, I downloaded the app. Bike season is here!
Bill Pearch   Saturday, May 15, 2010
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