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Monday, December 14th, 2009

2009--A Year's Worth of Lilly Quotes

I've started a journal to keep track of the cute/funny/outlandish things Lilly says. Here's a sample from this year.

I overheard Lilly talking to Charlie about peas and nuts. I asked her what they were talking about and she said "butts, vaginas, peas and nuts!" I said, "Do you mean penis?" She responded, "That's what I said!"

She calls my Lilly Pulitzer dresses "Mommy Pulitzers"

"I like this song. It makes my tongue stick out."

We were watching TV and she saw a commercial for a workout DVD--a stripper pole workout DVD. She said "Mommy, when I get older can I get a pole like that so I can dance like them?" "um, no."

As I was giving Charlie 6 a bath in August, Lilly was in there supervising. After a few minutes she said "Why does he have balls?"

She calls her ankle her "leg wrist"

One of my favorites--"Honey (she sometimes calls me that), can we go surfing?" "Yes Lilly, someday." "But someday we're going to die, so can we go tomorrow?"

"If a woman is a bad driver, she's called an idiot. If a man is a bad driver, he's called a butt jam" (I call bad drivers idiots, daddy uses that other word)

"Can we get a pet platypus?" (We've been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb episodes)

While driving to Target one day in September, Lilly asked me where she was when I was in college. I tried to explain in very simple terms the concept of eggs in the ovaries...that she's been a part of me since I was born. She said "Oh, so Charlie kicked the egg and then he hatched in your tummy?"

She got a little overzealous with her markers one night... Charlie said "That marker better come off the couch" to which she replied "You can just use Oxy Clean."

She hit her head on the table in the TV room and called it an "ass bitch"

While waiting in the carpool lane in October, I asked her how school had gone that day. She thought for a minute and then said, "I was farting a lot."

When I was in the hospital after my gallbladder removal, I talked to Lilly on the phone. She asked me if I was bringing another baby home. I said, "No Lilly, remember I had my gallbladder taken out?" She said "Oh. Well are you bringing your gallbladder home?"

After my sister left, Lilly was incredibly sad. She came up to me a few hours after she had gone and said "Mom, Aunt Laura said I was in her heart. But I'm not. I'm in my kitchen."

And her most recent comment--as we were decorating the tree a couple weeks ago, she said "Mom, this is what Christmas is all about--putting up all of the ornaments. Even the ugly ones."

Here's hoping her journal will include even more gems this time next year!

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she is a character!
Moore Crazies   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Those are really funny! What a great idea to keep those quotes in a journal.
Merritt   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
So funny! She will appreciate these quotes, especially when she has kids! :)
niki   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I did this for my kids, too, Jules. You all will really enjoy reading them when Lilly gets older!
!   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I imagine Lilly will like them too as Niki said. They are gems to put away and enjoy when you need a fix. :) Thanks for sharing them with us. :)
LGrant   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
This is awesome! Makes me wish I'd have written more of our Galvinisms and Gwenisms down...
Angi   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Today's a good day to start, Angi!
!   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Ohhhh Mom Heinzel...I don't think I want to remember some of the back talk from Galvin today. HA! But you are right - no time like the present!
Angi   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
"ass bitch" I died. I just died. They are so thoughtful in the words they choose and how they construct thoughts. She's a card, that Lilly of yours!
Richie & Ashley   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Ashley, I had my back to her when she said it. I was laughing so hard my shoulders were shaking....was trying to hold it in so she wouldn't hear me. I'm laughing now remembering it.
Jules   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
That is great! I think you've inspired me to try the same thing for 2010. Maybe that can be my resolution. :)
Jenn   Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Those are so cute!!!
Tanya Mussetter   Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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