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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

nothing good sums it up

What a frustrating day. Sometimes, I wish I were more like a 3yo and I could get angry and then be totally over it 5 minutes later.
We went to the Children's Discovery Museum today. I thought it would be fun to drive "over the hill" to San Jose (about 40 minutes), park a little ways away, then take the light rail train to the museum. So far so good. First off, on all of the light rail trips we took today, we were never once asked for our tickets. Huh?? We got on the rail at point A. We had to travel 6 stops to the Museum stop. After stop 5, after they had closed the doors, an announcement comes on that the next stop (OUR stop) was "closed for renovation" (anyone catch the Little Shop of Horrors reference?). Okay. I say we'll just get off at the next stop, stop 7. Nope. That's closed too. And stop 8? Well, we can get off on our side (southbound), but the northbound trains don't stop. So we have to wait and get off at stop 9. Which is a good 10 minutes at least past our original stop. So we get off and get back on a northbound train. Go all the way back to stop 5. And walk the 3 blocks to the museum. But that took an extra 35 minutes. I was so, so angry. I was all over the light rail web site last night looking at route and schedule information. There was not a single mention of stop closures. And I am not a 3yo. And I am not zen enough to immediately let go. So it took me a little while to adjust my attitude. Ugh. I hate that.
At least, in the end, we all had a good time. It's hard with kids of separate ages. Gareth wanted to look and explore each item in much more depth than Jonas. Sometimes I had to make Jonas wait. Sometimes I had to hurry Gareth. Then we took the rail back (after walking to the closest open stop). And on the walk to the parking garage, Gareth got his first Ho-Hos. Mmmm... drool. I only had two bites.
Pictures to follow.

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