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Saturday, April 26th, 2008

piano concert at the mall

As you might know, Gareth has always been painfully shy. It's has been frustrating to me at times. But this past year, he has gotten so much confidence, largely from school. Anyway, his piano class had a performance at the mall. And although he was awkward as all get out, I am just proud that he is willing to get up and try.

Gareth's piano class and one other (that's half a level below) did the performance. It's pretty cheesy but very cute. There was a recording that they sang along with and played along with. Here are three short videos.

excerpt of singing the hokey pokey: http://homepage.mac.com/isaiah/2008Movies/iMovieTheater...

excerpt of playing a song (I think it was hickory dickory dock): http://homepage.mac.com/isaiah/2008Movies/iMovieTheater...

the end (and the cute bow): http://homepage.mac.com/isaiah/2008Movies/iMovieTheater...

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Ohmigosh ----

These videos are priceless - thank you so much Christie!

MICHAEL (Greatgrandpa)
Michael Sweeley   Sunday, April 27, 2008
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