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Wednesday, March 25th, 2015


Today, my grandfather passed away. I am terrible at remembering ages, but I know he was at least in his mid-80s. He had a long life. And his passing was not surprising.

He was my last living grandparent. He was not the cuddliest of grandparents. But as we were talking about him last night at the dinner table, I recounted one memory.

When G was a baby, he was somewhat challenging. Not the most challenging, but he did present particular challenges. He like to be held. A lot. By me. And not many other people. Some people would tell me I was spoiling him, but I didn't buy it. There were two people that he seemed content with beside Isaiah and me. One was my friend from college, Ariele. I don't know why but from the first time they met, she just took him and he didn't cry (which was quite unusual).

The other person was my grandfather. Now, as I mentioned he was not the cuddly type of grandparent. He was definitely set in his ways and had a bit of a "get off my lawn" type of personality. But wow did he light up when he was playing with G as an infant.

We didn't live near by. We were in another state actually. But we visited once or twice before G was 1. And I have such a distinct memory of Grandpa Stewart sitting in his chair -- and it was *his* chair -- and bouncing G on his lap. They were both smiling and laughing. I admit that I was surprised. But it was heartening to see him in such a light.

That was the story I was telling the boys at dinner last night. Today I was thinking of other good times and two other memories popped into my head.

My grandparents always lived in Texas. We moved around. When we lived in North Dakota, there was at least once (and I really think it was more times than just once) that our family would meet up with the grandparents in Colorado for camping (the grandparents in their air stream). And I remember going fishing with my grandpa and my dad. Rainbow trout. Both in a boat and by a stream. And grandpa would clean those fish and grandma would fry them up for dinner. So good.

The last memory isn't really grandpa-specific. It's just the other thing that reminds me of that set of grandparents. And these memories are more sketchy. My grandparents used to live in Round Rock, just north of Austin. I still remember their address. It's the only house I have any real memories of seeing them in. And they had a lake house at Lake Buchanan. I have vague memories of that lake house. Like having to turn on the lights and check your shoes if you had to pee in the night because there might be scorpions. And swimming in the lake. All vague. But good none the less.

And those are the memories that stand out the most. A long life, well lived.

Sorry for your loss.
Bill Pearch   Saturday, March 28, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss, Girl. I know it is never easy to lose family particular the more immediate one. My thoughts are with you and your family.
LGrant   Saturday, March 28, 2015
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