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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


As the kids get older, there is less to write about. There isn't as much "cute" stuff. There is still plenty of new stuff. Plenty of stuff to remember. But it's not the same.

There are still plenty of challenges though. We are headed into our first foray as parents of a high schooler next year, and that has come with more issues than I thought possible.

We live in an amazing school district. For elementary and middle school, it's been pretty good. But I'm quite hesitant (not sure that's the right word) about high school. It's extremely competitive. I'm trying not to make this into a rant about that, but it's challenging.

In a nutshell, I don't feel they help the kids learn about balance, which I feel is important in life. I feel that they do everything to support the uber competitive and driven kids but do little to nothing for those who are on a different path.

Current example... in the fall, there is marching band. They go to school until 4, then have 2-2.5 hours of band practice. Then they have to go home, eat, shower... zero down time. That's three days a week. Then one day is for the football game. One day is potential for other competitions. Zero balance.

I'm frustrated and I haven't even started. I do know there are positives to the school. And I try to focus on that when talking to my kids. I try not to bring up the negative because I know they will feel that for themselves all too soon.

Just venting here, I guess.

Must edit and add another example. Students start taking the PSAT in 8th grade. IMO, this is great to help them get to know the test. But this week, there is a "coffee talk" on

..."will provide a timeline that helps students and families create a plan for SAT/ACT testing in order to increase admissions opportunities..."

Ugh. Too much pressure!

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