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Road Trip 2016 - 2

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Road Trip 2016 - 2

We had come to Alamosa to see the Great Sand Dunes, the largest sand dunes in North America. But we did a little coloring to chill out in the morning before we headed out.

The sand dunes area was very odd. It seems so out of place. There's nothing like it near by.

It was a medium hike, mostly flat from the parking lot to the base of the dunes.

Top of the dunes

We did have to go up and back down some smaller dunes to get to some that we could sled down. I decided to roll down one. Not sure that was the best idea.

After a few slides, J was ready to chill. Our place in Austin is only about 800ft above sea level. This was several thousand feet. And we could tell!

Isaiah is the worst at adjusting to altitude.

Between the parking lot and the dunes, there was a little river. I am sure it must get some wicked flash flooding. The area that has been under water was quite wide. The only downside was that there was plenty of stagnant water and the mosquitos in the parking lot were some of the worst I've seen. So many! We hurried in and out of the car to prevent them from getting inside.

In all it was a good day!

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