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Pem Hawkins
Pine Level, North Carolina 27568
Mobile: 919-274-4345

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Pet Peeves
Slow drivers on the Interstate System. People who think they own the world but they don't
People that use cell phones in restaurants during a meal,especially the radio type.
Idiots that have eaten in the same restaurant a 1000 times but when they get to order entry it takes five to ten minutes to decide. (Bojangles and McDonalds).
Service in a fast food restaurant that is any thing but fast.
Trying to see around monster pick trucks when you are leaving parking lots and turning at signals and intersections.

About BeanCounter37
72 year old, Retired gentleman, who had has some set backs, but he doesn't allow them to bother him. A very Conservative Republican, who believes in every one paying their way and only helping those that are physically or mental disabled. I believe the strength of America in the Global Economy is still small business and governrnents taking a hands-off approach. American by Birth,Southerner by the Grace of God and North Carolinian by choice. An Army Brat that lived in The Territory of Hawaii for a year before it achieved State Hood,spent two years in El Paso,TX and one year at Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook,NJ.

I have this thing about me and that is if you haven't been to some part of North Carolina in some of part of your life time, you haven't lived,yet!!! We Tar Heels that are born and bred here don't mind if you foreigners come and spend your money here, but when you are broke after you have rented our high priced beach and mountain cottages and and paid our high food and gasoline taxes, we only have one request and that is go home and come back next year. Y'ALL COME!!!!


Favorite Music
East Coast Beach Music(that old beer drinking and shagging kind of music that you used to hear at Ocean Drive Beach, SC according to The Embers) and up and down the Carolina beaches and inland in North and South Carolina.This type of music is the kind of music which you can Shag to.. Music by The Beach Boys, especially the Muscle Car songs, like "409"., Little Deuce Coupe, and others.
From a historical sense, I still like some Blue Grass and Country and Western Train Songs. The type of music that is easy to dance to because I have two left feet.
And there is some modern and classical music that I like, I definitely detest Heavy Metal and Rap. All slow dancing music because I can handle it pretty well.

Favorite Movies
Breakfast at Tiffinanys.
Strategic Air Command
A Gathering of Eagles
Thunder Road
CARS(One of the best movies made)
The Bucket List
The Dark Knight
Friday Night Lights
A Time To Kill
The Client
The Pelican Brief
Top Gun
Other decent movies, where there isn't a curse word or naked body every thirty seconds.

Reading, History, News Junkie(especially Fox News), and I am avid fan of: Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. Utilizing my computer to follow college football and basketball recruiting. I am still a fan of Lewis Grizzard, a comedian from Atlanta, GA. Meeting new people on the Internet with interests similar to mine. TONY STEWART NASCAR FAN. Since, I don't hunt or fish, I take care of our animals: a cat named "Kohl", and a "Peke" named "Gizmo". And I am one of the most avid, obnoxious, living breathing, loudest howling NCSU Football and Basketball fans,I fear no "Sheep or Ewes" from Chapel-Hill, no Dookies, no Deacs.,and especially no Pi-Rates from Greenville. I am very interested in preserving the Heritage of historical times in an area. I donated a Depression Era Tobacco Family Homestead to the Tobacco Family Life Museum.