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DBCC Gratitude
Apr 18, 2009
Just found out over the weekend that my cousin's husband was one of the elctricians that worked on Eyepulp (Andrew) and Sallypants' (Sally) house in Towanda. Small world! 

Jul 16, 2019
Man, this parenting gig goes fast. CRAZY FAST! And when folks tell you to enjoy every day, they are NOT kidding. This fall, we will have a high school freshman--Galvin. Yes, the same kid who was a mere four years old, when I first posted photos of him and his sister here on Humzoo over a decade ago. He is 14 years old and stands at 6'1" tall - he attends…
Feb 14, 2018Long Time, No see
May 23, 2012FINALLY!

Feb 14, 2018
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