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Thanks Dave and Denny!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Thanks Dave and Denny!

Thanks Dave and Denny for creating a free, easy to use website service. You left me no choice but to create my own site. Now that you've sucked me in, I'm sure I'll be upgrading to the Humdinger as soon as I run out of space, if not sooner. I'm also excited (as I'm sure everyone is) about the Humdinger opportunity I'll have to put a naked photo of myself laying across the top header. I didn't see any rules against this, but then again, I didn't actually read your terms and conditions.

Welcome aboard dude! I just reduced your account space to 1MB so go ahead and upgrade. Thanks. All kidding aside, glad you are enjoying the site and I can't wait to see your naked header. If the police contacts us and ask us to remove it we will send them your way. I think Dave has your number.
Denny Deaton   Friday, March 7, 2008
I'll all for naked headers. Hook it up dude! That might slightly reduce the number of people who can visit your site from work though, but oh well.

Wait... are we talking about naked Jef photos? Didn't really think that one though, did I. In that case, no, we forbid naked photo of all sorts. Please don't even show a bare chest, elbow or flappy arm fat. All of the above are banned and will cause us to immediately cancel your account, unless you accompany each scandalous photo with no less than 2 photos of cute things that make a person feel good about life in general.

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Glad you like the site, and glad we're sucking you in, little by little. Denny and I are totally hooked too.
Dave Heinzel   Friday, March 7, 2008
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