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Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Quick Update on Us

Wow! I've been AWOL for quite a few months. Let's see if I can catch up with short brief summaries:

Jessica spent the first part of the summer working and saving money towards a car. Sarah spent the first part of the summer being a typical 12 year old and hanging out at the pool with friends. She chose not to participate in ANYTHING at all this summer and I was fine with that.

July: The two older girls went to Europe with my parents for 3 weeks. A two week Mediterranean cruise with stops in Gibraltar, Nice, Rome, Pompeii and a few other places followed by a week in London. They had a blast. While they were gone, we worked and enjoyed the quiet of the house and the relative calmness of only having one child to shuttle here and there. We did have a big BBQ (The Roo-B-Q) for a bunch of our Bonnaroo friends that wanted to see us since we didn't make it to 'roo this year. Friends from Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama and the Coast all came in and stayed in hotels, spare bedrooms and spare bedrooms at my best friend's house. We had a lot of fun! I also spent the last week in New Orleans for business. It was nice to be someplace close enough that Boz could go down with me for a few days.

August: Lots of rushing to get the kids ready to go back to school. School seems to start earlier and earlier each year. August 11 was their first day back this year. Had to do all the usual running around to get supplies and clothing and all that stuff. Realized that I was really and truly the parent of a Senior in high school. It really hit me when Jessica and I headed to the high school the week before classes started to pick up her schedule and pay for a parking permit for her. Reenie also started Kindergarten this year. Jessica took an ACT workshop to prep for the ACT w/writing. (She had already taken it once and got a 28 on the test and an 8 on the writing but was not happy with that)

September: Sarah turned 13! I now have two teenagers in the house. My life will never be the same again. Jessica took the ACT w/writing again. (Managed a 29 on the test with a 10 on the writing still not happy or satisfied with it) Nutcracker auditions were held and Sarah was placed in three roles when all was said and done Fritz, Waltz of the Flowers and Russian (Candycanes). Senior year started with a bang by having to order graduation announcements in the middle of September and make arrangements for the formal Senior picture to be taken. Jessica missed having it taken in July because she was out of the country. College night was held at the high school and we gathered information from about 6 colleges. Although at this point she had already made up her mind. I volunteered our house as the headquarters for the 7th grade Homecoming float and secured a trailer for the float making. It was a hectic week and a half with dozens of kids and parents every night after work but lots of fun! Rehearsals started for Nutcracker and I had to put my taxi cap back on.

October: More rehearsals and more rehearsals every single weekend is tied up with rehearsals. I took Jessica and Carrie to Mississippi State University for Fall Preview Day. We had a fun day wandering around the campus, eating in the dining hall, and touring the dorms. Carrie has now applied to State (she also applied to Ole Miss but we won't talk about that) That same day, we rushed back to Jackson so that Jessica and I could attend a reception hosted by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant at the Capitol for the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College. It was a very nice reception and gave us both the opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Davies and Dr. Paul. The Mississipi State Fair was in town and we, of course, took Sarah and Reenie for a fun filled day of spending more money than anyone could believe on overpriced rides, food and drinks. The following week, Jessica and I headed to Hattiesburg for a tour of the University of Southern Mississippi, the Honors College, a meeting with Dr. Davies (Dean of the Honors College) and a meeting with the head of the Mass Communications Department and the head of the English Department. Again, we had a great time and found out very useful information. When we got home, Jessica submitted her application for admission to USM. Jessica took a 2 hour intensive course on the math section of the ACT and then took the ACT again without the writing this time. I then left for a week in Washington, DC for a training conference and returned home just in time for trick or treating.

November: Jessica's high school choir competed at Riverland Choral Festival. She is in Madrigals and Sextet. Sextet was awarded Best in Class and both groups received Superior ratings. We received Jessica's ACT score a 32 (she's finally happy and satisfied with that and I'm glad because I was going broke paying the fees for her to take the test and take study sessions) Jessica also received her letter of acceptance to USM. And we headed back to Hattiesburg for a daylong event at the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College. Now she just has to complete the Honors College application and the essays for the Presidential Scholarship application ($48,000 over 4 years tuition, books, room and board).

And here we are we have wrapped up the focus on Jessica for the moment and are in the process of shifting to Sarah as we head into the final two weeks before Nutcracker. She is ready for it to be over. She struggled with the decision to return to ballet this year. She was not entirely sure that she wanted to continue and two weeks in realized that she does not and was wishing that she had chosen not to. However, she knew she had to complete the semester of classes because she had started and she has been very good about giving it her all even though it seems like "a chore" to her. Those are her words, not mine. She says it is just not fun anymore and she dreads class instead of looking forward to it.

She will be running with the high school track team in the Spring and wants to take a few gymnastic and cheer classes and try out for the 8th grade cheerleading squad. She did run for Middle School Vice-President. Didn't win but was a very good sport about it. I was impressed because she is not always good about losing. She has a very competitive nature and tends to take losing hard.

As for me, I just keep going. Taxi driver, cook, maid, nurse, accountant, personal shopper, chef, wife, mother, paralegal...it never ends.

No wonder we haven't seen you! :) Glad it is all good stuff that is fun, productive, creative, etc. Quite a busy schedule these days.
LGrant   Monday, November 22, 2010
Your kids are just like you - busy, busy, busy!!! I remember those days with the kids and look back on them now with great memories. Have fun and drop in here whenever you can!
!   Monday, November 22, 2010
you guys are busy, i am impressed that you could remember everything!
Moore Crazies   Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Oh my - there was more - stuff I remembers after I put it up but just could not bring myself to go back and edit. I think if every parent really thought about it - everyone's lives are just as hectic
justmeg   Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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