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Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Moving Day

I'm sure a lot of folks are tired of hearing me talk about moving and buying a house. I guess I have focused on it a lot with the purchase and the packing and the move. Today the movers came. I wish I'd been better prepared and had everything packed and ready but I opted to skip the kitchen and bathroom to avoid having to find more boxes and do more packing. Hopefully I won't regret that in the next few days. Other than Thanksgiving, I have the rest of the week to get everything out and get the house "broom clean". The carpet is disgusting. What perverted soul put white carpeting in a house situated in a city forest setting is beyond me. I tried to clean it. You could put bleach on it and it wouldn't come clean. Now that the stuff is gone you can tell how grubby it is. And it is old. It was old when I got there and now, seven years later, it is really old. I hope they replace it for the next tenant and pick a color that doesn't show dirt like white. Not to mention white with a brown padding that will get a brown stain if you spill water on it. Yes, water.

Moving Day started early for me. I woke up at 1:30 AM but I was packing until 9:30 PM and just didn't have the energy to get up and pack more with so little sleep. I, instead, listened to my audio book until 3 AM and then got up and started packing. The movers were due between 8 and 8:30 AM.

Yesterday, I also took apart the dog house that had been Lucky's. I put it off for a long time and it was full of old straw. I had no idea how tough Dogloo makes their dog houses. I guess they figured a dog would flip the top off if the latches weren't secure. It was frustrating to say the least. I'd get one latch released and two of the released ones would lock back. It's a large or extra-large house so it wasn't without effort to hold it and release the locks. I tried to find someone who could use a very nice doghouse before I moved but couldn't . So, it came with me. Maybe I will find someone to come get it or maybe I might find a dog to fill it again. Hard to say right now.

I decided if the movers were at all worth their salt they deserved a bigger tip than I'd determined on Saturday. I went to the bank around 7 AM to get more cash and figured they would be there around 8-8:30 so came home and put out some cookies and made the coffee in the new coffeepot. They showed up about 5 minutes after I started that--complete with grinding the beans fresh. I told them there was hot coffee if they wanted and some homemade cookies. The three Hispanic guys were like rabid dogs attacking the house and filling the truck. I don't know how it works--maybe they get paid more if they work faster or the estimate allows them only so much pay no matter how long it takes so they work fast and efficiently. They never touched the coffee--a wasted effort. They didn't eat a cookie either and suddenly it was time to head off to the new house. I told the one who appeared to be the team leader to take a few cookies for the ride over. He grabbed 3 for each and went for the truck. I offered to lead him over and he accepted. I could see him eating something on the way--hopefully cookies. :)

When we got to the new place it was the same as before. They worked at a fast and steady pace. They would ask where I wanted things. Mostly the boxes went into the garage. Unlike Angi, I wasn't that solid on where I wanted things so I figured if they were in the garage I'd work harder to find them and get rid of excess boxes. Could have been an error in judgement. I may have to leave the TV on until I find the remote. And a few other essential things are absent and in some mystery box but I did make sure the computers and parts were packed well and came with me for the most part so I'm good there. I need a wireless dongle for the desktop PC to minimize wiring and put it where I want it but I should be able to find one of those easy enough.

When they still had what appeared to me a good amount to go, the team leader came in and we did the paperwork and paid the bill. He had it for 3 1/2 hours, I think. Once we got that done, he seems to work even faster and they got the rest off in amazing time. When they had the truck empty (I did look since I heard 3 horror stories about lost items if the boxes aren't counted or the truck verified empty) I went out and handed them a couple of bags of cookies and thanked them for their hard work and pace. I gave them $20 apiece and they seemed very happy. The $20 probably made them happier than the cookies but maybe not. :) After I gave them the money and cookies, the leader told me they finished faster than anticipated and I would get a $78 credit on my bill. Maybe it was only a coincidence but I wonder if I would have gotten that credit without the tip? I did hear from one other customer that he got money back when they came in with a better time than he'd paid for (at that time they had you pay in advance). So, maybe just a coincidence.

I went back over to the house to make sure everything was shut and locked and to put out the final trash pickup for tomorrow. My warm and comfortable house looked forlorn and echoed with emptiness. I felt separated and distant--it was no longer my home. I hope the next tenant loves it there as much as I did. But, I have no regrets about leaving--it was time and I look forward to all that this house will bring to me. I already enjoy my new "office" that has a huge window looking out at the yard. I will enjoy feeding the birds and probably will end up chasing cats and squirrels again but different cats and different squirrels.

I will miss so many things about that great place but there are things I will not miss. Pine needles getting into everything--even parts of the car that appear closed. I will probably still have some of those pine needles like dog hair for years to come. Shoddy maintenance. Always the cheap fix. A rusted lamppost? Jam a pole in the ground beside it and clamp the post to the pole to keep it upright. Looks great from the street. Talk about curb appeal. Tree overtaking the mailbox? Don't chop the tree down--shave that side off so it looks incredibly stupid and ugly--more curb appeal. Cracked shower wall? Smack some goop on it and it's all sealed. Looks ugly and sticks out like it is bloated, but it's fixed. Being at the whim of the landlord for yearly inspections and repairs (well, that's stretching things to indicate they repair things unless forced to to avoid damage).

Things I will miss. The smell of the evergreens. Clean and spicy in the morning. The dance the big trees do when the wind blows. At times too windy and too much motion so I would lie in bed waiting for a CRACK and a tree coming through the roof. Mossy stones for the path to the door. Wild blackberries growing next door. The sweet smell of the Confederate Jasmine when it blooms. Looking out at the backyard and feeling you live in the woods--forgetting the closeness of the neighbors. Watching the squirrels play and race around the trees--so high. Watching the birds feed and listen to their amazing songs. Watching Ms. Raccoon yearly with her brood. Green, green, green during the wetter times of the year. When it snows, seeing a winter wonderland. The ghosts of my cat and dog running around and enjoying the yard. I looked yesterday and saw Lucky with that big smile on his face running to the house. I looked again and saw Biff ambling around, heading under the deck and his private world and the mysteries there.

There are no ghosts here--only new adventures and discoveries. As soon as I finish moving.

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I love this blog! Can't wait to see photos of your place once you make it your own...
Angi   Monday, November 23, 2009
I don't know you had time to write it but I sure enjoyed it. Made me think of the places I've lived-always hard for me to go back and I rarely have. Its always amazing that when all of you has been taken away it goes back to being just a place not a home. I am excited for you as you start your next chapter as you make this house your home.
dannie   Monday, November 23, 2009
Very nice blog, Linda. I agree with Dannie on how you find time to write!! And I also agree with her that given time your new house will become your home.
This is your blog, so you write about what you want to write about. Moving into a new house is a "biggy" in your life right now. There are several "Humzoo family members" that anxiously await your blogs and blurbs about moving. Please continue to keep us posted. Thanks.
stheinz   Monday, November 23, 2009
Nice blog. Congratulations on the new place!
jef   Monday, November 23, 2009
Great blog, Linda! Sounds like the move went very smooth...that's great! Congrats again on the new house!!!
Jules   Monday, November 23, 2009
What a super blog! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us. And thank you for letting us share in this exciting adventure with you. You will make so many more memories in your new house. . . your new house!

The description that you gave of your hispanic movers is dead on with our experience. What we paid was far less than the quote we were given. The "rabid dog" analogy was dead on! I've never seen anyone move so quickly; our guys denied food and drink as well....they took water with them in the truck but that was it.
Richie & Ashley   Monday, November 23, 2009
Great blog. Congrats on the move. I agree with the others. I'm looking forward to photos.
Bill Pearch   Monday, November 23, 2009
Bill, you will probably be disappointed. Case in point. I got some inexpensive panels to cover my bedroom window so I don't wake up seeing faces there (a phobia of mine). First, the window had two treatments--one with fat rods and one with skinny (I'm guessing that was the sheers that disappeared). The curtain I got is actually a door panel--it is wider than a standard window panel and was recommended to me for better coverage. First, I took down the fat rod and it slid apart all over the floor (ok, I didn't need that one). Second skinny one came down and fell apart on two ends. I finally got the panels on the middle part and tried to put the ends back in. Somehow, they don't fit any more. At least both meet but neither goes in the other. Now, I'm sure that pole was shorter when I took it down but I finally gave up trying to figure it out. I'm just too tired. I took it and finally got it back up and it looks good--except I put it on backwards and the wrong side of the curtain is showing. Sure you want photos of my decorating skills??? :)

Oh, I got rid of the nasty daisy valance too. Just seeing that gone makes it worth looking at curtains backwards and a rod that is 10 ft. long.
LGrant   Monday, November 23, 2009
Sounds like the move was a little easier than having to go cross country with critters and car packed with things you were worried wouldn't make it. I have to laugh a little when you talk about how fast the hispanics worked. We had two roofs reshingled this past year and the work group was of hispanic origin. They were fabulous. Dick of course sat outside to watch and give them lots of water and offers of food. They took the water but they provided their own food and their work was excellent.
Carol   Tuesday, November 24, 2009
At least my Hispanic workers ate my cookies--but they did decline my coffee. Maybe they heard I can't make good coffee. Portlanders are particular about that brew. I can see Dick doing that. He loves to watch and talk to the guys and give them pop or water or whatever. It was certainly easier than it was with Trucker Dude. I think I told part of that story or all of it once on Humzoo. That guy was a trip. And the critters were so miserable all cooped up in the car for 14 hours a day for 2 days. I think we all took a nap when we got to the house and got the truck unpacked. I know Trucker Dude took a nap. He was sleeping so hard in the truck we couldn't wake him. My friend, Rick, banged on the door to no avail. Rick's wife, Tracy, and I lifted the ramp and put it back under the truck. I'm not sure I could do that now but maybe. It was very heavy. But, we managed. When it was dark or nearly dark, he woke himself up and asked where everyone was and who put the ramp back. I told him a woman friend and I did it. I was particularly happy to tell him that since he wouldn't try to get it down with only me to assist. "Not strong enough--just a female". Hearing two females did it was just too much for him.

He had a heck of a time getting out of the street. It was a dead-end street and lots of low-hanging branches of the spruces and pines. He took one good sized branch off one at the end of the driveway between my house and another rental. He couldn't turn around so he had to back out in the dark. You have to give those guys credit for being able to do that. These guys were day and night but then again his company was pack it yourself to save $$--not them doing it. It was certainly easier and faster with three guys who acting like they had to hurry to get you out and in as fast as they could manage--but doing it right and handling things well. I've found no damage or problems from them moving me.
LGrant   Tuesday, November 24, 2009
OK, I am reading along and I am giggling and imagining you in your new abode and then I get to the part about Lucky and Biff. I cried. I am so excited for you and finally YOUR OWN PLACE! I wish I could come out and help you. It is hard not to jump on a plane! But I have some things to do here first! Take care. Love you, Rose
gigi   Wednesday, November 25, 2009
We need some photos stat!
SallyPants   Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Photos of what? Me packing? I barely have the energy to eat and sleep with all this packing and unpacking. I'm going to take some by Sunday hopefully if all works out right and it isn't pouring rain out. Stay tuned. :)

Seriously I need a nap after two full carloads and unpacking one of them. I have the other one out in the garage to unpack. I'll get to it after I take a break. I took cookies over to my librarians and told them I hoped I could find the DVD player to watch the DVD that I picked up. I did find the older one of the two so maybe I'll get to watch it before I take it back next Weds. My librarians were touched that I took time to bake them cookies while moving. I mostly did it for the movers but knew 3 guys couldn't eat 6-8 dozen cookies so figured the library would get a box. They were all waving from the workroom and wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. I definitely have my library to be thankful for. Hope they are enjoying the cookies.
LGrant   Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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