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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


I will admit it. I tend to get jumpy when police cars come suddenly up behind me with lights flashing. My foot jerks off the gas even if I'm crawling. My friends in MN might argue (Carol's husband, Dick, still teases me about the time I flew past Carol and Shelly on the freeway and never even noticed them waving--or something like that). The big city made me into a speed demon. But, I've mended my speeding ways and tend to be a very good and cautious driver who tries to go the speed limit--except maybe when traveling with a tight schedule and driving across some empty area of ND or MT.

Tonight I was driving the back street as usual to avoid the main street with the stoplights and traffic. Problem is the speed limit is 25MPH on this street and I feel I have to coast the car to stay within that limit. When viewing houses back in the summer, I saw they ticketed unsuspected drivers--so I'm very careful to keep the speed down. I admit my mind was wandering a bit about projects at home. I looked up and saw a police car coming out of nowhere with the lights flashing. I glanced down and saw I was over the speed limit--maybe 28MPH. I groaned audibly "a ticket--for 3 lousy miles over the limit!!"

I pulled over...and he passed me. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF. I pulled back on the street and continued behind him since we were going the same way.

I saw him pull over in front of a house I looked at once. It was a scary house. The price was suspiciously low and when we got inside we learned why. The house was a mess. Windows were broken, entire shower stalls were removed. It would have required a lot of work to get it right. Obviously not the house for me. I wasn't looking for a fixer-upper. Even Gay, who likes to flip houses, admitted it was too pricey for that. The house sat on the market until maybe last month and suddenly the FOR SALE sign was gone and it appeared someone was working on the house and had moved in. Oddly the house next door went up for sale and I wondered if they waited until the scary house sold to avoid having buyers scared off by the neighborhood--or because the house sold and they now wanted to move.

Anyway, that's where the police car stopped and the cop got out and headed for the house. As I passed him I noticed a second police car down 2-3 houses with his lights going, parked with the cop getting out and heading down to meet the first cop. Not sure what it was all about. This area is pretty tame and very "sleepy town" relaxed environment. It all felt unreal and TV news story about some other place.

I continued on--feeling the urge to come home and get in the house and lock the doors. As I turned the corner toward my area, I saw this guy's chickens calmly pecking away at the ground. I've seen the chickens before. It amuses me since this area seems so urban and suburban--seeing free-range chickens. They placidly eat by the sidewalk without any fence or restraints. Seeing those chickens grounded me. Somehow chickens eating by the street righted the world and I drove home as casually as I had before it all started--before seeing those lights flashing behind me.

Guess my luck is still with me. No ticket; no police car in front of my home.

Tags:  life, new home
That's a crazy story. I wonder what is going on at that house.
Bill Pearch   Wednesday, May 12, 2010
This is the first (Longer) Blog on Humzoo that I have read all the way through! And one of the best at that!
Jacob Bennett   Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Yes, it really makes you curious as to what the policemen were up to. I agree, Linda.....police car lights and sirens are scary and I don't want to see them behind me. Sorry you had a stressful ride home. Glad those chickens were there to make everything right again!
!   Wednesday, May 12, 2010
I've been there...the pounding heart, the "oh sh**" moment, lol. So glad you didn't get a ticket for a measly 3 mph over (really wonder if that urban legend that they don't bother to ticket anything under 5 is true)...and I'm so curious about what was going on at that house!!
Jules   Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Great story-we can all relate!
dannie   Thursday, May 13, 2010
My sister-in-law had an incident not too long ago where the police were behind her with their lights on. She hadn't been speeding so she wasn't worried about it being her they were after. So she pulled to the side of the road to let them pass. But they didn't pass. They pulled behind her and then two more squads pulled behind him and next thing you know they were at her window with their guns drawn telling her to put her hands up. Talk about heart attack! To make a long story short -- someone had switched her license plates with stolen ones and they thought she had stolen the car. Took a while to get it straightened out but they finally did. They also took the the plates so the policeman had her follow him to the license bureau to get her new plates. When they got there the policeman told the clerk to be kind to her -- she had had a rough morning -- to put it mildly!
Carol   Thursday, May 13, 2010
I think I would have lost it, Carol, if that had happened. I get nervous enough about a ticket! Wow--what a story. Which sister-in-law?
LGrant   Thursday, May 13, 2010
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