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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

More Logic

Recently I did a blog about a problem with ClickNShip where I had to pay a bill to get a refund for a mistake. Logic

Apparently USPS isn't the only company with a money management problem. I changed addresses back in November and considering I moved five miles from the previous location and stayed with the same companies (i.e. utilities, cable, etc), I have been amazed at all of the problems incurred by moving from one address to another.

I can understand the logic of closing one account at one address and opening a new account at a new address to manage accounts in a company, but if you are the same company and know you did this--wouldn't it make sense to make a notation or move any credits or balance due to the new account? Or wait until all bills are cleared before closing the account--but stopping service on a specific date?

Part of it is my fault. I do electronic payments and did not catch the subtle change of account numbers. As soon as I discovered the problem I corrected it.

Enter Allied Waste Management. Apparently they know I moved, are aware of the closed and current account. Have even mixed up the auto payments on the two accounts.

I started getting stop service notices and somewhat negative calls about my account due to non-payment. When I checked my bank account, payments were being generated (and we assume) accepted since there was no record of the payment being returned--or a call from the company asking me why I was paying on a closed account. Nope--they just kept accepting the payments and applying them--sometimes to one account, sometimes to the other one.

I called and talked to a service representative to get it straightened out. The billing department finally determined the problem, indicated I owe $14.46 to clear all past due bills and get us back to square one whereas my payments will be made to the right account and be applied to that account. Sounds like THE END, right?

Yesterday I got mail from the company. "Great", I think, "what now?" I open the envelope...and find a refund check for $25.

I'm trying to make sense of it. How is it possible to talk to a customer service representative who is looking at both accounts acknowledging all payments since the move and arguing you still have a balance of $14.46 to clear your account--when the waste company has $25 of your money unapplied? Even if I argue the logic of the refund already being processed prior to my talking to the service representative--wouldn't she have had a record of the refund?

You would think people move enough these days that companies would have a process of moving a household from one address to another and from one account number to another one without billing problems seven months later.

I won't be surprised to get another call or letter indicating past due bills in the near future. Can't wait for the fun.

drives you nuts!
dannie   Monday, June 7, 2010
That is too funny. You should try to introduce their right hand to their left.
girlcarew   Monday, June 7, 2010
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