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Friday, September 17th, 2010


It's hard to do a blurb about Debbie, my yard lady. She does so much she needs a blog to talk about it all. She came today armed with plants and containers for planting and harvesting. Not only does she do a great job taking care of the lawn and plants but she takes care of the pond and plants too. And she cleans gutters!

Today she brought more raspberry plants and planted those--can't wait for my own raspberries next season! She also brought a couple of canna lilies and planted those in the bog area -- apparently that is pond-speak for the spillover section of the pond. Can't wait to see what those look like when they bloom. AND she plopped some water hyacinths in the pond. She said they have amazing blooms--I hope they bloom before it gets cold. They are so cool because they float rather than attach themselves.

She also brought a camellia plant to plant back where the fence becomes starkly visible during the winter--as well as the neighbors house and them. Someone called it a "good neighbor fence" because it is a staggered style instead of solid one. All I know is it gets really "open" and I am more aware of my neighbors during the winter. It amazes me how something so huge and bushy as the wisteria just disappears in the winter. Now, the camellia will give me more privacy and green during the winter--as well as pretty blooms as early as January or February in this area.

The yard looks great, the plants are cared for, the new plants are looking a little raw and odd until they settle in and I adjust to the new look. Next visit--sounds like the gutters will get "Debbietized" and they will be in good shape for the winter as well.

Today Debbie got Chocolate Chip Blondies with Pistachios and Cherries. Even though I pay her for the work--I think she goes the extra mile with the yard and pond and it's one way I can say "thanks" (besides the paycheck!)

I love you, Debbie!!

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If Debbie ever decides to venture East, give her my address. HA!
Angi   Friday, September 17, 2010
Same here! Your yard looks great. Love all the stonework. Hope you have better luck with your raspberries than I did this year. The camellia plant sounds great - anything that is green & blooms during the winter gets my vote.
SallyPants   Friday, September 17, 2010
Debbie attempted to plant several raspberry bushes back in late spring/early summer. The plants apparently transitioned poorly due to the hot and dry weather but one managed to survive. She brought another bunch to get going before we get too cool (if that matters--I'd guess it does!) but now we are cooler and it is raining again so less stress. These are plants harvested from another customer. Debbie said they are very unique raspberries--very elongated. She takes some from this customer (with approval, naturally) whenever she needs raspberry plants. She mentioned the area where the raspberries are planted has an amazing amount of earthworms. She said it is probably due to the runoff from the gutters but she said it is a great earthworm spot. Guess that would be handy if I went fishing and need bait but maybe that mean it's a good area for raspberries too. :)
LGrant   Friday, September 17, 2010
debbie rocks!
Moore Crazies   Friday, September 17, 2010
It has always been your baking pics that makes my mouth water!! Now that I see your yard and all you have in it I find myself saying "I wish mine looked like that!!"
stheinz   Friday, September 17, 2010
Debbie has really created a haven for you. I love Camellias and hope yours bloom this winter.
dannie   Monday, September 20, 2010
Sounds like some great plants. We've got a camelia, but I don't think it's in the right location. It seems to just barely hang on. Your yard looks fantastic. I hope to have some water element in ours someday.
girlcarew   Monday, September 20, 2010
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