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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Winter and Minnesota

My sister mentioned yesterday that it was 40 in MN. Now, in Oregon, that would be parkas and gloves and scarves and people complaining about "the cold". In MN, that's heralding spring weather and may bring out the shorts if not the bikinis. Her comments made me go wandering to see if I could locate some pictures on my old PC or on CD. I did find a "stash" of forgotten photos that I thought I'd share to make "us" in the more temperate areas appreciate our mild winter weather and hopefully my friends in MN will see the pictures and remember some fun times as well. Hope so. I miss them and these pictures brought back some warm feelings--even as I look at very cold and snowy days in some of the images.

I am also including a cake I made for Paula's friend (we'll see if Paula remembers it!). I have a friend named "Ricky" (more Rick than Ricky) now who I first thought it was made for (I used to ship treats from MN to OR years ago) but then remembered the cake was honoring the friend's dog (I think he had passed away--but I can't remember all the details!). Since it is so thematic for the season, I'm including it as well. Don't be surprised if you see a few more treat pictures on this site--it is what I do...a lot. Ask all the people I have inspired to life memberships at a fitness club (I won't mention any names and give free advertisement!)

Speaking of good memories, the cats and dog in the pictures are my friends I moved with to Oregon and unfortunately have lost to old age (the little dachsie with my friends has also parted from us--dogs and cats live such short lives!). All are remembered fondly and hopefully will know they are missed by honoring them here.

The snowy walk shows a wonderful area out from the neighborhood called "the open space" in MN. It was 11 acres of woods and paths and meadows and marshes. Even had a little arched bridge over the "crick". When Paula and I move there, it was wild with sandy paths and beavers in the creek and pheasants exploding out of the grass. The city inevitably paved some paths that took a little of the wildness away but made it much more "user-friendly" for all walkers and runners and bikers as well as dog-walkers. Lucky and I had some great walks out there at 4 in the morning. Ice, snow, sub-zero cold, humidity, mosquitoes, stifling heat (yes, it does get warm in MN in the summer). I see him walking there--enjoying it and keeping me moving. May both of our spirits continue to "haunt" that special place..


I just don't understand why anyone would want to live in such a cold place. Springfield, IL is cold enough in the winter, but it's not as cold and not for as long as it is up north. Our local paper did a poll a month or two ago asking: If you didn't have family ties to Springfield and could leave, would you stay or would you go? Over 90 percent of the respondents said they'd leave. Ouch.
Dave Heinzel   Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Minnesotans like to complain about the winters but stubbornly like them too. You tend to forget the rest of the world isn't snowbound for so many months and doesn't see the ground from November to May. You laugh when someone in NC talks about it getting cold and getting "down" to 30. By January or February, 30 looks like 60. Occasionally it can be a 50-degree INCREASE in temperature to 30! Oregonians never see that kind of cold. Talking about 0 degrees is like talking Antarctica to them. Some MN folks actually spend the winters in AZ or TX but I'd have spent the winters in MN and the summers in better place. Buggy, buggy, buggy!!
LGrant   Tuesday, March 11, 2008
I would never make it in MN. I mean I chose to go to college at the beach because I was afraid if I went to school in the NC mountains I would never get up and go to class if it was cold and snowing. Me and cold weather, well they just don't mix.
niki   Wednesday, March 12, 2008
You and Denny sound like a match (as if you didn't before!). I went to college in NC in the mountains and I can tell you even with my love of winter it wasn't fun to slog out in the cold and wet to some dull class at 8 AM. That one class in the winter quarter at that ungracious hour had a lot of people with funerals to attend, illnesses to address, maybe even fake accidents to avoid it. A friend from M'ville and I were pen-pals with the profressor--he required written excuses for missing class. We obliged...frequently.
LGrant   Wednesday, March 12, 2008
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