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Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Deja vu

Most Humzooers know the story:

Failed Shipment

Surprise Second Shipment

The Beach Orgy Story

The Many Photos and Stories from the Hungry Papparazzi

And so, most of you (probably with relief) thought the story was done and you could make it through this week without anyone mentioning DBCC cookies or Priority Mail....wrong. If you can't handle any more of the story...STOP NOW (no, there are no squished bunnies or poisonous reptiles or sutured fingers to worry about).

For any folks left and continuing to read (morbid curiosity?), I got home tonight, grateful for the holiday, glad to have the work-week behind me, hot and cranky from a bus ride.

I turn into my drive and see:

If you have read any of the stories and comments, my failed package returned on Thursday and I shipped the successful batch of cookies to Denny's house on Thursday. Today is Thursday. Same box, same place on the porch - deja vu

I rummaged through my mind (worse than the worse garage or attic for junk and cobwebs!) and couldn't come up with anything I ordered that would be delivered. I knew the shipment of DBCC made it to Denny's so those cookies weren't returned. I turned the box over (relieve it didn't look familiar with my handwriting or labels!) and saw it was to me...from The Heinzels! I brought the box in and opened it.

...and discovered this cool gift bag (suspiciously looks like someone might have bought it at the beach)

I carefully pulled out some carefully wrapped items.

...and this beautiful and special card.

First, let me say I've never been a Kitchen Babe but TOTALLY feel like one today. I love the beautiful shell on the second towel and will always think about the Outer Banks and new friends and how much Humzoo has entwined itself into my life. I'm also thinking about something wonderful to use the cinnamon pecans in...like my hand for a snack! :)

Thank you Nancy, Steve and Janet!

Thank you Nancy (!) and Janet (cdcgull) for taking time out of your vacation to shop for me and find some special things to share with me and my kitchen. You obviously know me and where I spend most of my time (at least when it isn't 80+ in there!) and I appreciate your time and gesture. Steve, (stheinz), thank you for sharing all the great photos of your family and fun and the beautiful sunrises and pelicans and funky land/sea vehicles and catching all the great DBCC moments of fun and sharing this with me to feel a part of it all--even across the country. I may not have been at the beach with you but I do feel I have shared in your vacation.

I definitely feel I have some special friends in Springpatch, IL and hope to continue chatting with Nancy via mail and being part of the community here at Humzoo to continue feeling part of something incredibly special and fun. I'm still happy about it being the end of the work-week and it's still too warm...but my crankiness is gone and I'm smiling. :) Thank you for the smile. May you and your family have a wonderful 4th and weekend--you certainly added something special to mine.

That's so sweet and well deserved.
dannie   Thursday, July 3, 2008
That is fantastic! Yes, one good turn certainly does deserve another and why is it no surprise that the Heinzels would be so thoughtful as to add a little piece of their wonderful vacation to your kitchen. Happy baking! Don't use the towels though...they are just too pretty.
Leslie   Thursday, July 3, 2008
I agree, Leslie. They will be for smiles and beauty, not for my baking and kitchen abuse.
LGrant   Thursday, July 3, 2008
What a neat way to see this story come full circle....... this IS the END, right????? LOL!
ChinaCalling   Thursday, July 3, 2008
Yes, China, this is the end as far as I know!!!! Linda, thank you for this beautiful rendition of receiving your surprise package today!! (I'm so happy this package made it to you on the first try!!!) The only thing better than receiving the delicious package of DBCC at Denny's was the opportunity to surprise you!!! I hope the things weren't too squshed (is that a word??), but of course I HAD to use that same Priority box!!! We have so much history now with that box!!! I'll never see one without thinking of you.

Please use your pretty towels!!! That's what they're for. They'll wash up and be all pretty again!!! And I hope they'll always be a reminder of all the nice things you do for other people. You deserve these gifts and so much more. I would have given you the beach if I could have!!!!! LOL

Yes, you do have some special friends in Springfield and Powhatan, Va. (Janet and Wayne). And we will never forget your kindness to us and all the details of the cookie caper!!!! What a story. And I ended up with not one batch of DBCC cookies but TWO!!!! Thanks again to Roger and Sandy for taking valuable beach time to bake those cookies for me!!

Thanks again, Linda. Please have a COOL and restful and relaxing holiday weekend!!!! You're the nicest kitchen babe I know!!!
!   Thursday, July 3, 2008
Hi Linda1
What a great story!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your surprise experience with us and other Humzooers! It was so much fun to read all about the arrival of your gift ~ your well-deserved gift! I don't really "know" you but I know you are one of the most thoughtful and kind people I have ever "met"!!! And generous!
Even though I did not get to sample YOUR cookies, I did get some of the ones Roger made and they were GREAT!!! I told the people I work with about the cookies and the cookie adventure and now they are begging me to make them so I will be doing that soon!! Where can I find the recipe? I know it is on Humzoo somewhere!! Thanks for sharing it!
And thanks again for such a wonderful story!!!
Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July!!
cdcgull   Thursday, July 3, 2008
I felt the same way Linda, that you were there with us in Kitty Hawk; it really made the week even more special with your presence. I found it very exciting to meet your nephew (Denny) and his wife Niki and daughter Dylan. Who knows, maybe someday we could meet Denny's aunt, Linda!!!
stheinz   Thursday, July 3, 2008
I'll add Powhatan, VA to my list of special places in my heart! Janet, the recipe can be found here: http://www.humzoo.com/lgrant/blog/23/

As Nancy and I discussed in email, try to find the Chocolate Chunks if possible in your grocery--the chunks are a little more "chocolate" than the chopped bars of baking chocolate (even though the same company makes the chocolate--ask Nancy!). If you can't find the chunks, find the highest quality bar chocolate you can (like Ghiradelli) to maximize that chocolate flavor. The basic baking bars found in grocery stores just don't do quite the same "pow" of chocolate intensity you will appreciate once you try it. Check Nestle's and Baker's Chocolate sites for possible retail locations near your home--they give some suggestions. Target does selectively supply the Nestle's brand.

China--we'll try to let the story rest now--but it will always remain in my memories as a good "vacation". LOL
LGrant   Friday, July 4, 2008
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