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Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Dollar Treed

I'll confess. I'm becoming fascinated with The Dollar Tree. I find all kinds of interesting things there. When I went this past weekend, I found some great holiday boxes and gift bags and containers for baked goods, etc. for the up-and-coming holidays.

Two amazing finds:

I looked at inexpensive bowls for my Thanksgiving (gift) pumpkin custard trifle to be picked up on Friday and my Christmas Eve (contribution) chocolate trifle. I wanted to be able to give away the bowls but have something attractive. A trifle loses something in an opaque or colored bowl. Part of the beauty of the dessert is the presentation and awareness of the layers. Here is my bowl:

Amazingly I found a perfect trifle bowl. Clear, large enough but not a punch bowl. And for $1! Amazing!!

I had offered a plastic shoe box that I use for work but though it is perfect for work--large in volume, easy to carry blocks to the office, it lacks the presentation element. So, I have solved my trifle bowl-s dilemma.

My second find was a fall platter. I've mentioned my favorite tea loaf pan that makes a longer, smaller loaf. The problem: "how do you present the loaf?" I've looked at platters previously but most were ceramic or glass and heavy and breakable--not to mention costly for a loaf platter. Here is the platter:

Here is how well it fits my loaf:

Amazingly I found the perfect loaf platter. Long, light and reasonably unbreakable. And for $1. Amazing!

I noticed (for anyone who is interested) that The Dollar Tree has extended holiday hours--opening at 8 AM. I can't imagine any special deals for "Black Friday". How can you put $1 items on sale? Two for $1? I'm sure I will go back before Christmas--I do need to pick up one more trifle bowl for Christmas Eve!

We love the Dollar Tree!!!!
dannie   Tuesday, November 25, 2008
It's great, Dannie. I'm a convert. :)
LGrant   Tuesday, November 25, 2008
The dollar store rocks! We have 3 different ones in Torrington...15 minutes away.
Leslie   Tuesday, November 25, 2008
The fastest growing segment of the American Retail is the One Dollar per Item Stores. There is one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that did over $1MM in a year, one $ /item.
BeanCounter37   Wednesday, November 26, 2008
OMG< I am hooked on consignment stores, what can we do to HELP the economy!
gigi   Wednesday, November 26, 2008
I love the Dollar stores!! They have the same stuff, sometimes, as the larger retailers--for $1. That is where I get all my "goodie" necessities for the holidays and other celebrations. They have all sorts of handly little things you might need.

Happy Thanksgiving from the both of us! I'm sure that your goodies will be a huge success...as usual!
Richie & Ashley   Thursday, November 27, 2008
I like going to the Dollar Stores because I dont have to dress up and put on a show like people do when I go to Walmart. At Dollar Stores you can just be yourself and it isnt some type of fashion show or social status statement like at Walmart.
RickMonday   Thursday, November 27, 2008
Well said, Rick. The everyman (and woman) store! No frills. My friends tonight were telling me to check out the grab bags. I figured they were junk that no one wanted but they assured me they are like Christmas Day and always worth the $1 price!

Thanks, Ashley. I'm off to sleep. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving too!
LGrant   Thursday, November 27, 2008
They need to work on getting a dollar tree in Spain!!! I love the loaf plate :-)
Girl On The Run...Part dos   Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Maybe you can suggest that in their suggestion box. I'm sure the Spaniards would love the idea!

I thought it was quite the find.
LGrant   Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Thank you for the welcome Grant, I live two houses down from the Dollar Store, I live there!! Sue
Sue   Monday, December 8, 2008
My kind of gal, Sue! It's probably good I don't live that close--I might be considered a dollar-stalker! :)
LGrant   Monday, December 8, 2008
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