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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Forgive the mess in the back. I'm still working up to "Aunt Linda, get a Mac already!" (previous blog on dennydeaton.com). Look out when I do--I might never get off the laptop!

Cake is Rudolph's Chocolate Truffle Cake (Rudolph reference is from the recipe being shared at Christmas--just skip the red nose the rest of the year!). Chocolate cake with a chocolate truffle filling and chocolate ganache frosting. I added a layer of toffee bits in the center and decorated the top with more toffee bits and grated dark chocolate. All that is missing is the Humzoo button (do we all get one of those in the mail?)

I forgot to mention--absolutely calorie and fat free!
LGrant   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
That cake was absolutely incredible Linda! And I really love the fact that its fat free, so I ate 6 pieces. It was awesome!

Those are actually Humzoo stickers and we have big plans for them soon. Stay tuned. I also got a photo of your cake with a sticker on top, I'll email it to you.
Denny Deaton   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Now that it has been "dinged", I'm renaming the recipe to Humdinger Chocolate Truffle Cake. No more red noses--even at Christmas!

Thanks for dinging my cake--it is honored.
LGrant   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
How the heck do you ship a cake??
Betsy   Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seriously it isn't that hard. I buy cake boards at the local cake-decorator store (plug for Decorette Shop!) for stability. I put the cake on the board and wrap well in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. Then find a box just big enough to hold it and some packing (foam peanuts work best for less pressure on the cake). Ship it as quickly as you can afford. I find Priority Mail works best for the price. If the destination is close to a major airport it is usually 2 days. 3 days tops. That's a sturdy cake with firm sides (like pound cake or a firm and dry icing).

If it is a soft cake with a soft icing, freeze it after it is frosted so the wrap doesn't cling. It has to be the kind of cake and icing that freezes--most do. Then wrap it as noted above. Freeze it wrapped as hard as you can get it frozen (deep freeze works best). Wait until right before taking it to the PO, pack it as noted and depending on the weather, add an ice pack (or dry ice if you can find it--though I think the PO won't take dry ice--probably FedEx or someone else) to keep things cold. And ship as quickly as you can afford. I've gotten a frozen frosted cake to someone in 3-4 days with an ice pack and it is still cold or even frozen (again--not to Phoenix in the summer!). Overnight is best but rarely affordable (for me!). Have the recipient put it in the frig or freezer to firm up again if it isn't firm to remove the wrap. Voila! Homemade cake to your family/friends.
LGrant   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Amazing! Who whuda thunk it possible to mail a cake? Linda, You should go into business! You would be the preferred and recommended bakery of Humzoo.
Leslie   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
That's amazing, Linda! I saw it on the counter at Denny and Niki's house and you'd never know it had crossed the entire country! Congratulations! I agree with Leslie's go into business comment!
!   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
The worst one I ever had to ship was an angel food cake to my mom for her birthday (or maybe it was Mother's Day--I forget!). Homemade angel food cakes are very soft and imprint like a memory foam mattress!. I had dents in it from transferring it to the board. I swear it got dents just looking at it hard. I have no clue how deformed it got by the time it got there but she assured me it was delicious and preferred over sturdier (if more attractive!) versions at the bakery.

I'm game to send cakes or treats all over the country. Cake...$100? Cookies...$20 a doz? Bars...$20 a pan (9x13 limit!). With ingredients high as the sky on the Fourth of July thanks to gas prices and the cost of shipping...I don't think many people would foot (more likely kick!) the bill.

Great idea but most people would probably prefer a quick Duncan Hines (I think someone mentioned that preference before!) and canned frosting for a lot less $$. Or a cheaper bakery cake from the neighborhood.

Thanks for the confidence, though! :)
LGrant   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Do you send insured? I would think you would if for no other reason than to protect yourself from hungry Fed Ex drivers.
Leslie   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Never insured it but I do go for delivery confirmation these days--$.65 of sanity. I figure the drivers see that and KNOW I am watching!!
LGrant   Tuesday, April 15, 2008
There's a cute lieele bakery here in Walnut Cove that just closed due to personal problems of the owner. You would do great here. You could also sell over the internet-there's a few people on Humzoo who might be able to help. Probably if you did it for a living it wouldn't be fun but you sure have he talent to do it.
dannie   Tuesday, May 13, 2008
It's been tempting, Dannie, but I do worry turning another love into a job. I did that with dogs, books and computers. All ended up being a burn-out. I can't imagine doing that to baking. What would I do for a vice then? :) But, thanks for the compliment.
LGrant   Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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