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Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Pumpkin bread turned out well. From what I can tell it is moist and soft. I altered the recipe slightly and used white whole wheat flour and raw sugar to replace the white flour and white sugar. I also embellished it slightly with a caramel sauce on top to help the nuts stay stuck and add a little more depth of flavor since it is a gift. Hope my pal, Virginia, and her husband, David, will enjoy it. Thanks again, Justmeg, for reminding me of a good recipe in my collection. I'm planning on making another one for my good friend, Suzette, at work. Her husband has been helping out while she deals with a broken bone in her foot and pumpkin bread is one of his favorites.

How in the h did I miss this one?! Oh, and I think caramel sauce is a great glue for nuts. I'll have to remember that! LOL
Richie & Ashley   Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Hate to waste nuts--they are such a healthy fat and a good addition to anything. But even the best baked treat tends to keep some of them loose on top so a little caramel glue fixes that problem. :)

Quick homemade caramel sauce:

1 cup white sugar
1/4 water

Boil until amber in color--the darker the color the stronger and less sweet it will be. DO NOT STIR. Swirl occasion by rotating the pot on the burner to distribute the color and avoid overcooking the sauce. Once you have achieved the right color, pour in 1 c. of heavy cream (no substitutes). It will boil up so stand back. The caramel will ball up and appear messed up but just keep cooling and it will all blend. You can stir it now. Keep cooking for a minute or so to thicken the sauce and remove any extra liquid. The longer you cook it the thicker the sauce but don't burn it. I always add a pinch of salt to cut some of the sweetness and sharpen the flavor. When it is thick enough (it will seem thinner now but thicken more as it cools) remove the pot from the heat, add some vanilla (to taste) and pour the sauce into a squirt bottle or metal bowl (I'd be careful doing it with glass it might break the glass at this temperature). I use a funnel to get it in the bottle. I screw on the cap and let the opening in the top allow steam and cooling until it is cool. If you cool it in a bowl it will develop a skin on top but that will mix back in. Warm if you like before using or use it as is. Keep it in the fridge for storage.
LGrant   Thursday, September 24, 2009
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