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I heard the wings on Christmas Day...
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Friday, December 25th, 2009

Many are similar if not the same but these photos were so hard won--I couldn't let go of more than the obvious out of focus or poor ones. Just chalk it up to a nature photographer who usually doesn't get this rare glimpse with her lack of a zoom lens or real talent with a camera. :)

i had some hummingbirds buzz around me while i was reading on my grandmother's porch this summer in sylva, nc. my mom instilled this tremendous appreciation for nature, in general, but very specifically hummingbirds. love them little boogers
The Coal Yard   Tuesday, December 29, 2009
I remember years ago staying at a private campground in Yosemite Park and observing little hummingbirds buzzing around the porch. I was amazed at their size and speed. Up until this year I've never done much to encourage them but I will be from now on! I look forward to when other varieties come back--this one seems to be the only one that stays the winter but what a great thing--having a hummingbird to observe all winter!! :)
LGrant   Tuesday, December 29, 2009
This picture is awesome! My mom tracks the hummingbirds every year. She would love this picture!
Jaclyn Cherry   Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Hard to blow it when the bird is 6 inches from the camera. I was so scared I would lose the shot I didn't even flinch or move to check focus. Just focused on the feeder, waited, and took photo after photo when she landed. And listening to the wings whir through the window was utterly amazing too.
LGrant   Tuesday, December 29, 2009
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