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Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Dave and Kevin argued the instructions with my waterfall. They were sure it wouldn't take 3 people but only two strong guys to lift the rock off the top to get to the filter. They were right--only took two of them. Luckily Dave is tall with long arms. We discovered the barrel is deep and with the extended reach across the rocks--I would have needed a step-stool to manage. There are two filters (I took photos to carry with me to a pond supply store) that we rinsed to clean since I didn't know what we'd find to get replacements. Then there are these little gear/star things that help to channel the water (I guess). We pulled them out and washed them as well. I have no idea how many were in there but it seemed like hundreds as Dave kept pulling them out and I kept washing them. He scooped as much dirty water out of the barrel as he could but offered to bring his shop vac next trip to really clean it (and me find new filters). I think there is something not working right--the waterfall seems to turn off frequently. I thought it might be dirty filters but that didn't solve the problem. Guess I need to find a pond doctor in the area. Gaylord seemed a little miffed that we were messing with his pond. He came walking by and gave us an evil eye. As soon as we were done, he and Magnolia flew in with a flurry of wings that seemed to say "it's about time!" Guess I need to schedule with the ducks next cleaning.

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