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Monday, June 14th, 2010

Another great selling point for me is 100% recycled materials. Not only will I not be tightening the cheap plastic junk (can you tell how annoying this has been?) but I can feel good about my purchase making less of an impact to the environment. Win-win.

One more thing and then I'm done talking toilets. The instructions were clear and informative and worked "exactly as written". Since I have had fun recently with some really frustrating and unhelpful directions with assembly--I really appreciate that point.

Tags:  new home
Ugh! I hate tightening those. Where'd you get this fancy new seat?
Ames   Monday, June 14, 2010
Fred Meyer's. Local chain similar to Walmart or Target. I saw it the other day. On the high end of cost but when I saw stays tight--I was sold. The other one was constantly loosening and shifting around. I've found several things here where the owners "went cheap". Some are ok. Some I will inevitably change. This was one of the first I felt needed changing NOW. I immediately went and tossed the other crap in the garbage where it belongs. :)
LGrant   Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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