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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

No more stalkers! Finally got the door pane and door panel covered for privacy but allowing light. I'm still adjusting to all the light after having a dark curtain up for so long. The width and length is odd. I think it was 15 1/2 x 79 or something. Nothing fit and I couldn't find anything that allowed me to look out without them being able to look in. Now, they can't--but I can't either. That's ok. I'm happy with it. Even with the longest privacy film I could find, I was still short by 1/2 in. but it is at the bottom and not very visible. I can live with that. Unless I have very short stalkers who peek in 1/2 in. of window--I'm safe.

Tags:  new home
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Hmm....I'd be worried about the very short stalkers coming to see what kind of shoes you are wearing. :)

Looks like a good solution and nicely done.
Ames   Tuesday, April 6, 2010
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