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Random Photos - 2013
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Random Photos - 2013

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Thursday, September 19th, 2013

I'm not sure I know what kind of bees these are. They "look" like honey bees to me but I'm not that savvy on bees. What I can say is they are voracious eaters and have taken over the hummingbird feeders. I got the idea to use a terra cotta dish to feed the bees and keep them distracted and that seemed to help but I think they brought all their friends. At one point today there must have been over 100 bees around the table and at all the feeders and this dish. I made a nectar using 1# of sugar and they have nearly consumed it all in a matter of hours. I'm feeling I'm doing my bit for the pollinators. My friend who knows something about bees says this is what beekeepers do to help the bees when food is scarce. All I can say is...hope some hive somewhere it making use of all this nectar!!

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