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Mystery Squirrel

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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Mystery Squirrel
I have heard this squirrel for nearly 7 years. He sounds very un-squirrel-like. More like a bird cheeping. And very annoying too! He will sit in the tree and "cheep-cheep-cheep" for an hour at a time. I've caught sight of him (her?) off and on. He's nearly half the size of the regular brown-gray squirrel I see more commonly and rarely comes out of the trees. The whole peanuts on the deck finally enticed him down to the ground and more in my view--but I'm still at a loss what kind of squirrel. He doesn't stick around. As you can see he races to the deck, grabs a peanut, and races off again. I used the FLIP on a small tripod in the house--since he is too shy to ever get closer...and it was raining all day.

Tags:  critters, Oregon
Was I hallucinating or were the peanuts actually singing? Too cute and clever! Nice job.
Leslie   Sunday, March 29, 2009
Those are singing peanuts! Special brand! :) Just wish I knew what kind of strange squirrel he is. I need a cam that can move faster. LOL
LGrant   Sunday, March 29, 2009
When I worked at a summer camp we had a squirrel that would come and hang out with us on our porch. It would eat anything we gave it, including chicken strips.
Carrie M   Sunday, March 29, 2009
When I was in Yosemite they had a pet robin who would fly into the dorm it was so tame. One day it landed on the flip top of the garbage can and flipped itself into the can. Someone finally heard him hollering and rescued him. I wouldn't imagine a squirrel eating chicken--that's wild. I still wish someone would tell me what kind of squirrel this one is. He's so little and cheepy. I thought at first he was a chipmunk then a cross but close up you definitely see the squirrel.
LGrant   Sunday, March 29, 2009
The mystery squirrel has been identified. It is the Douglas Squirrel. I found it on the web and thought it was right but the underside was very pale and the one I see (or maybe more than one!) has a very brown underside. When I went to my favorite bird store yesterday, I asked about squirrel knowledge. The woman recognized it immediately and said "Douglas Squirrel". When I asked about the coloring she said they can be various colors from nearly white to very dark brown. I mentioned the cheeping and she said yep--annoying at times! She was very envious of me having one in my yard. She can't seem to find any around her property. He's our native squirrel.

LGrant   Friday, April 17, 2009
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