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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Lunch with a Squirrel
Today was a very nice day in Portland. I think it got close to 60 and was sunny and beautiful. The birds and squirrels were eating this morning and through lunchtime. Around lunch I put my little Flip Cam to work on the bench feeder (my cheap bird feeder) and caught a flicker and a squirrel enjoying lunch too. Steve likes to watch the squirrels. Maybe he will enjoy watching one in Oregon too. :)

Tags:  critters, Oregon
Rocky is rude. He doesn't close his mouth when he chews and he spits seeds on his table. Not the ideal lunch guest. He needs a copy of Miss Manners book.
Leslie   Wednesday, February 18, 2009
HAHA...he eats like he was raised in a tree. :)
LGrant   Wednesday, February 18, 2009
They never relax, do they? Always tuned into their surroundings for a sign of danger. It is amazing how fast their mouth works. Your camera must not make any sound when its running. I noticed the birds weren't afraid of it, nor was the squirrel.
stheinz   Wednesday, February 18, 2009
It's totally quiet. There is no sound. I worried at first that something odd like that little camera would make them nervous but they don't seem to notice it and eat right beside it. At times it almost looked like I did something to the video to speed it up but he just eats fast. LOL
LGrant   Wednesday, February 18, 2009
What a great video. Wish I had a cam for my critters.
Carol   Thursday, February 26, 2009
I can only imagine what we would get!! Wild turkeys for sure!
LGrant   Thursday, February 26, 2009
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